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Automatisms and structure

Through training and habit formation, an automatism can develop in which the person no longer has to actively engage in the routine action. These actions (for example cycling, swimming, operating the accelerator and brake pedals of a car, playing a musical instrument, completing a routine) take place automatically without the person having to interfere with or think about the technical side of it.


Potential capacity as a starting point and contribution

Specific ruler combinations (the rulers of the Fire, Earth, Air and Water houses as well as those of the Crosses) can indicate the disposable structure in the born one as his or her potential capacity for action. The personal impulse for action can act on this structure. This concerns the ruler combinations within the individual cycles (28.3). The house in question serves as a field for the development of that specific capacity in that cyclical process (6.2). In the advisory interpretation, in addition to the well-known psychological Maan approach, the structuring also reveals a pedagogical use.

It can also be seen from the analogous cycles with those of the Zodiac whether someone makes a contribution (for better or for worse) to his or her environment.



For a good overview, a separate representation of the rulers' connections per cycle is useful. For the example horoscopes, such a separate display will be used per cycle.


The four Triangled relationships as threefold Center Principles

The following four triangle structures together (24.8) represent a substantive view of the egoic center of the born one (6.1).

The Fire Triangle

The fire triangle consists of the rulers of houses 1, 5 and 9. The three working fields together form a cycle. In this context ruler 1 is an organic member of the cycle. In ruler 1 someone is in control of himself. This gives this cycle its own importance. The position and context of the rulers of these houses can say something about a person's presence, based on his or her nature of being. Thus, this cycle indicates, among other things, the ability to direct one's own life and that of others, regardless of the subjective intentions that live in the born one. This is purely about the potential power.

A course of action is the basis for this leadership capacity. This starts in the fifth house with the wishes and desires of the born one (24.3). In a natural course of this process, the wishes that live in the fifth house are considered in the ninth house and put into a plan to be carried out in the first house. With a position of ruler 1 in the first house there is an authentic open attitude and approach, someone who is completely himself and in whose environment others can also be themselves. This can also cause unruliness.

At the state of ruler 1 in 9, the born one is most himself in his ideals and projects. At the position of ruler 1 in 5, the born one is most himself in his wishes and is the king in his or her own world.




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