A few closing words


The End of the Reading Route

Here, at the end of the readingroute on The Inner Sky, it's good return the reader back to him or herself and to step back from this platform myself.


Qualified Power and Dignity

My readers joined me on this journey over the Earth and its surroundings and as I sincerely whish, found as I did myself, a common anchorpoint for the many different worldviews I stated at the start of this journey.
During this trip an increasing awareness came to me of the immens potential power of this old science as a comprehensive discipline, and above all found achored in the birth chart our often discussed, inalienable "Free Will" .



Your companionship inspired me. Thank you.

Trusting that you experienced some good moments I now close this set of texts here.


Paula Schreurs
Laren, Holland
mei 2021




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