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A first general exploration


Doppelgänger or double

In the influence of the trans-Saturnian planets, we can recognize the great unknown in ourselves, the celestial brother who has a different grip on reality and works with higher potentials than we do. In depth psychology, he is known as our doppelgänger or double.
The presently densely populated world of virtual reality is another reflection of the collective realm, where the mystery planets’ influence includes sucking the Self outwards.


Wars and other violations of boundary

Apart from myths and fairy tales with their digestible stories, the reality of crimes against humanity, committed again and again in warfare and in dictatorial and totalitarian regimes, stares us in the face.
Loss of one’s roots and home (that is, disconnection of Saturn from the Moon), anonymity and depersonalization are circumstances where forces can be mobilized in us that do not show themselves openly in our existence as respectable citizens. We know these forces as the shadow in us.
However, in these extreme, inhumane circumstances, those same sources of power can also inspire us to acts of superhuman heroism. We all know examples from the resistance during World War II, but also in our present time we can see them everywhere on Earth.
And finally, I can mention a third form: In one of my conversations with the famous Dutch clairvoyant. Gerard Croiset (1909-1980), about this healing powers, he told me that during his stay in a concentration camp, he was able to perform incredibly powerful healings of tortured fellow prisoners, a feat he was quite unable to repeat after the war, in his home environment. “What I was able to do then, I have never been able to repeat,” he said. He did not make a merit nor a failure of this, but just mentioned the increased effect of the source of power that he always merged with automatically during his work.


The trans-Saturnian planets and their classical counterparts

After this comprehensive preview, we can now find these forces in the relationship between the classical and the trans-Saturnian planets (23.5.a ).

For the normally functioning Saturn with a personal focus, we can find two forms of expression:

1. collective, magnified and intensified

Saturn seals off the territory of the personal soul field. Beyond it, there is an energetic field that works outside the field of the Self (17.3). The core interpretations of the planets in that outer field hinge around Saturn’s borderline as magnified versions of their classical counterparts. This borderline is often called as the mirror (10.2) from the classical planets to their trans-Saturnian counterparts.

The Self is not cut out for managing those forms of expression and is therefore subjected to their disproportional (mass) influence.

2. inverted, indivudalized and raised

On the other hand, this concerns an energetic field in which a well centered Self can keep its place properly. So we find in Uranus not only the man of the trade union, but als, as the octave of the Sun the true democrate and friend, acknowledging the Sun in everyone.

This centered Self also offers the point of control for the hidden forces at work. So this energetic field is also the realm of mystery realm, of the occult.

In this individualized sense the core significance of these planets can also be recognized as the inverted version of their classical counterparts. This raised influence however does not come forth from Saturns border but through the eighth position seen from their classical counterpart as their octave (10.2). The vibration of the centered Self doubles here. With sufficient anchoring of the Self (by the zones around the Earth) this raised efficacy can work out in laedership (for better of for worse).


Two forms of appearance

So on the one hand, the trans-Saturnian planets can reveal themselves as magnified versions of the classical planets, as giants and superpowers, even though their basic character still resembles that of their classical counterparts. Take for example Saturn’s self-interest, which in its magnified, Uranian form becomes the collective self-interest of the labor union or any other mass movement.
On the other hand, the mystery planets also invert the polarity of the classical planets’ influence. Saturn’s solid matter is converted by Uranus into a different state of aggregation (liquid or gaseous). In the conscious awareness Uran crosses the borderline of the human field.
For Jupiter and Mars versus Neptune and Pluto, respectively, we can find similar examples, as well as for Mercury and Venus in the octave.


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