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23.4 The Planets beyond Saturn's orbit



The Sun and its twin brother


Two foci

As we know, the Earth's orbit around the Sun is not a pure circle, but an ellipse. All things considered, there is no question of a circle with one center in which the Sun stands, but we should think of an ellipse with two foci. Each of these focal points is thus conditionally linked as an anchor point to the orbit that the Earth follows.


Two Suns

In one focal point is the physical Sun known to us. In the other focus we see nothing. However, this focal point must also have an effect comparable to that of the Sun, otherwise the elliptical orbit would not be able to hold. This second focal point must therefore be seen as the second anchor point for the Earth and therefore also for humans. This point is also referred to in spiritual circles as the spiritual Sun and is equated in the horoscope with the Pars Fortunae. (*) In her booklet "Het Keerpunt", Lena de Beer indicates on page 15 the activity that this second focal point has in her vision. (*)



Now our physical Sun is reaching its lowest point on December 21st, but that date does not coincide with the celebration of Christmas. This celebration takes place on December 25th and 26th when the second focal point is at its deepest point. Christmas is celebrated on this date in the western world. In this way, in the Christmas celebration worldwide, the deepest position of this second focal point in the consciousness of the people is actually addressed (15.2.a). The same applies to the date of the Midsummer celebrations, which do not fall on June 21, but on June 24. Even then, the celebration of the Sun Stand takes place around the second focal point.


Ratio and experience

These matters make us wonder, and the last word has certainly not yet been said. Understandably, the discussion about it often takes place in the substantive, religious sphere and is also given shape there. However, this is not a belief, but an astronomical fact, which is simply anchored the Earth's orbit with its polar axis (to be discussed below). This fact is noteworthy enough to include in our considerations of the great relationship in which we live and have our place as earthlings.




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