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A first general exploration


Of vital importance

So if we lose this ‘counterpart of the soul’, our lives are at stake. Actually, it means the loss of our relationship with our own inner life, or, if you will, with the unnamable in ourselves. Fairy tales tell us about the stealing of the soul, symbolized by a valuable treasure or an abducted and imprisoned princess, in astrological circles known as the Pars Fortunae (23.4.a). Although the prince has never set eyes on her before, he recognizes her immediately from her portrait. He also knows straight away that he must go and find her and (re)connect with her. For this goal, he puts all else aside; this reconnection is of vital importance to him.
So in one sense, this portrait presents us with a complementary part of ourselves, but actually, if our Saturnian border is transparent, we may realize that on a deeper level, it represents ourselves.


Two types of aid

In his search for the imprisoned princess or lost treasure, several mystery forces come to his aid. For example, at Aladin’s request, the genie of the oil lamp reveals itself as a magnified superpower in order to serve his master with great loyalty. However, he does need the guidance of the prince, that is, of the Self. The mythologies of the world abound with examples of this kind of aid.
In other fairy tales, the intervention of specific animals or the use of magic words are offered to the hero in order to reach the goal. Often these helpers will contribute their gift just at the right moment, of their own accord and to their owner’s surprise, enabling the youth, in spite of himself, to accomplish his humanly impossible mission.
In these magnified servants as well as in the magic spells, we find the basis for the mystery planets.


Relocating while maintaining

With their radiating and/or pushing, compressing influences, these forces bring the Self under increased tension. In order to stay centered the Self must be able to consciously attune and adapt itself to the new situation (13.8 and 23.1).
The forces that affect the Self may have an uplifting but also a disintegrating effect (13.7), as in psychological disorders.
In general, the mystery planets have a collective, unearthly and unsettling influence. After all, the Self has not been cut out for the tensions that prevail ‘on the other side’, where the use of reason and control of and by the Self does not work anymore.


Once again: border consciousness

Meanwhile experience teaches us that the borderline between two realms can be removed temporarily. The Self will then merge with the forces in its hinterland. This often results in mind-expanding or near-death experiences. Yet after such an experience, the Self must return to normal everyday life, which is dominated by personal limitations. The Self falls back into its familiar incapacity to see which forces are really at play. For the Self to maintain a healthy relationship to itself, the combined influence of Venus and Saturn can help restore its inner unity and provide the seclusion that it needs, without losing the benefit of the experience. Then the Self can remain aware of the inexplicable that was observed and felt.



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