The Planets

beyond Saturn's orbit



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Reaction patterns as points of application

When we try to form a picture of the influence of the trans-Saturnian planets in our personal life, the first thing that comes to mind is their tendency to pull us out of our Center. We experience them as pushing, sucking, infusing or radiating. It seems to us that these forces do not well up in ourselves, but seize us from outside. But actually, it is our own reactive pattern, in the form of an image that is projected through our own mirrors and lenses (22.18), that serves as a point of application for these forces for their expression.
We know how a fascinating novel can keep us spell-bound, how the cheers on the sports field can give wings to our feet, enhancing our performance and making us excel ourselves, or how great terror can make us cringe with fear. We know how being in love or someone’s charisma can inspire and motivate us to perform extraordinary actions.


Conversation techniques

We are also familiar with the teacher in front of a noisy classroom who by lowering his voice manages to get everybody's attention, or the interviewer posing suggestive questions that already imply the answer, which is then further extracted from the other person by a strategic silence. 
In all these cases, the influence of the planets beyond Saturn's orbit is put to use. 



In our daily lives, we are aware of the collective field as the outside world. We take part in public life and function in some wider circle, such as a job environment or a society.
In order not to be able to stay on course within these larger contexts, society has established certain rules, such as social rights and duties. In the world of employment we have protocols and job profiles, and in other organizations we have the articles of association, areas of responsibility and mandates. All these elements serve as a framework enabling people to express their capacities in productive work while keeping in check any overstepping of boundaries.


Losing or Enlarging the Self

When the Self feels a strong connection with a function in the public or collective domain, it may easily identify itself with that area. The Self will then regard this whole extra-personal domain as its own. Such an identification may provide opportunities for contributing to the greater whole, but also contains the pitfalls related to a position of power and its own vanity.
Through such an enlarged Self, a person may serve as the representative of an organization, or fulfill the role of figure-head for a specific movement. In all these cases we can see the mystery planets at work.
Especially the in-going conjunctions carry the risk of losing oneself in this overlap, getting absorbed by the collective. If there is sufficient Self-awareness, this aspect may also release extra energy and stamina (as a gift of Venus).


Motor for development

Apart from magnifying our existing reactive patterns, these trans-Saturnian planets also grant us mind-broadening experiences. That is one of the reasons they play an important role in our personal lives, as catalysts for our development. But they are also the developmental drivers in a larger context. Their very slow revolution time ensures that the combining aspects between them lead to long-lasting collaborations. This tension can be tracked for each generation as it influences societal structures and larger political developments.


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