The Moon

 and the Implications of Its Satellite Position


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Memory and the unconscious

Because all incoming influences must first pass the Moon, she knows everything that ever came by. Thus she stands for our memory. She manages our archive, our imprints and our conditionings. At night, she operates from her hidden side and releases parts of this archive. Through her image language, she reveals to us in dreams what is going on inside of us.


Re-action versus authenticity

Conditionings are forms, too. Yet, although they can be very persistent, we should not forget that they are just structures that have been imprinted on us at some time or other. They are crystallizations of past experiences and not our own innate nature. They show us the way in which we (through our Moon) have re-acted to life, but it would be a misconception to identify ourselves with them, for we are acatually able to witness these reactions from a specific point in ourselves (16). So it is possible to literally distance ourselves from them.
The Moon merely gives form to our reactions, but these reactions do not represent our deeper nature. We only identify with them temporarily. In our actions, we are able to distinguish between acts that stem from a re-action, and acts that arise from our own nature, from within ourselves. Both have their own source:
Re-actions come from the Moon, as products of a psycho-physiological conditioning.
Actions spring from one’s own initiative and are related to a more permanent quality of character; in this case, the Sun (or Ruler 1) will tend to be involved.


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