The Moon

 and the Implications of Its Satellite Position



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The ability to imagine

In our private sphere, all kinds of images are present in the form of desires, memories, riches, projects, designs, beliefs, attachments, world views, images of God and artistic expressions. They can all take form thanks to the Moon.
The Moon embodies the world of our imagination with an entire pandemonium of images; these represent our subjective reality. Our Sun Sign will indicate its fundamental tone.


Emotion and art

We give expression to what vibrates and resonates within us: our sensations, emotions and sense of engagement, as well as our sense of beauty and friendship. We show our anger, our loyalty; we furnish our homes to our taste and give shape to our life and lifestyle.
Every visual artist creates his images on the basis of his personal experience, through the vibrations of his Moon. Music and fantasy, too, are a reflection of emotions and fall under the Moon. Music can create moods and images can build something new. But our fantasy can also be out of step with reality and create illusions. In the end, these will return to us as self-created disillusion.
Obviously, all these ways of expression are coloured by the placement of our own Moon in House and Sign.


The personal sphere

Since the Moon moves along the limits of Earth’s gravitational field, she can be seen as the boundary of our personal sphere, our aura. Thus the Moon also represents our aura and charisma.
Through our Moon, we emanate a certain vibration. In any gathering of people, those with a strong Moon will always stand out. Through our radiance, we are present in our environment and exert an influence on it.


Outer appearances

In regard to this personal aura, let's not forget that the Moon radiates no light of her own. She makes herself visible in the sky by reflecting the light of the Sun. In the same way, our personality is not more than a reflective image. Moreover, it is just a temporary image. The Moon’s appearance changes rapidly all the time, just like our moods and viewpoints.

The word ‘personality’ stems from the Greek word ‘persona’, which means ‘mask’. So our Moon plays the game on the stage of life. On that stage, we put on a show, as a version of ourselves. At meetings of a predominantly social character, such as receptions, it is mainly these masks that we see. People present themselves as they want to be seen at that particular event. The aspects to the Moon give an indication of this.
When meeting someone for the first time, we mainly see this Lunar face of each other. Only over a longer time period will we get to know each other’s deeper, enduring nature.



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