The Moon

 and the Implications of Its Satellite Position



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The womb

Besides regulating tensions that are too high (or too low), the Moon will sometimes fulfil her protective role by shielding off the passageway completely. In this way, she helps to maintain the status quo by intervening, literally ‘coming in between’. Her neutral role of protectress is then taken to an extreme, for example in her function of providing a womb. In that function, she envelops her foetus completely, nourishing it from within and shielding it off, enabling it to safely develop inside her. In this way, the Moon forms a natural barrier between the outside and inside world.



But the Moon can also actively interfere with the incoming influences. In her zeal, she then abandons her neutrality. She starts filtering the information, twisting it or giving it a very personal interpretation. In this way, she is able to generate and cast out a distinctly private atmosphere of her own. This may be a pleasant environment in which others can be themselves, or it may induce sensationalism.
This Moon makes us look at reality through her own tinted glasses. Even though she may still serve our self-preservation (18.5, 20.1) (Saturn), there is little chance of development in this case. It goes without saying that disharmonious aspects to the Moon will reinforce this tendency.


Tinted glasses

Actually, our Moon causes every one of us to wear tinted glasses, looking at our surroundings from our personal perspective. And vice versa: we show ourselves to the outside world through our own projected Self-image (9.1, 11.2). Based on this personal view of ourselves, we present ourselves to the outside world. This view may be coloured, yet it serves as a provisional solution for our unfamiliarity with our deeper nature, and also as a compass that helps us orientate ourselves and hold our own in the chaos of life.


Creating tension

As mentioned before, apart from the need for mitigating incoming tensions, there may also be need for a higher tension. Through a self-cast vibration, the Moon is able to call forth this tension in all kinds of forms, such as challenges, projects, adventures, artistic expressions and infatuations, as well as in illnes and criminality. Other ways to physically experience such a heightened tension may be found in peak performances in sports, sex, discos and drugs.
Through the projected image or desire, the Moon is able to generate this tension in the environment by putting up a good performance, disturbing the current situation or causing a stir in general.


Neutral function

It is important to realize that the Moon, in her role of transformer, is totally focused on her object and yet impartial as far as her intentions are concerned: she just passes on the intention faithfully. It does not matter whether the goal is exalted and constructive or negative and destructive. The Moon simply gives form to the vibration that is present.


Peak experiences

Sometimes we have peak experiences. These may be called forth through our projections, but may also occur by themselves. In the latter case, the Moon is totally receptive and it will be a transformative experience for the Moon herself.


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