The Moon

 and the Implications of Its Satellite Position


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In the virtual image that is reflected back to us by the mirror, left and right have been reversed or swapped. Such a reversal can cause problems for the recognition of our own image, especially if we are looking at it when trying to perform an action. In the case of projections, a reversal of up and down is added to the problem. And there are still more reversals.
These reversals, which take place in the Moon, play a confusing role in the process of Self-recognition. In other words, the working of the Moon can serve us but also be confusing.


Eighteen and twenty-eight years

Finally, the Moon is connected to two different ages: the age of 18 and of the age of 28.
1. The Lunar Node’s revolution time is 18 years. As described earlier, the opening through which the Ego was brought into the aura of the Earth before birth, comes into sight again at this age. It is at this age that we see young people charging the batteries of their authenticity once more, in order to prepare for their jump into the full stream of life.
. The Moon’s revolution time around Earth is approximately 28 days. This means that after 28 years, the progressive Moon has gone full circle in the horoscope, having touched all possible combinations. This completes her experience of her own horoscope structure. Moreover, after four times seven years, all of the subtler bodies have been formed and connected to the organism. It is sometimes said that human beings physically come of age at 14, socially at 21 and psychologically after 28. At that age, people often make new choices.



The subjects that we have associated with the Moon here are covering a broad area. Nevertheless, all of them still flow naturally from the Moon’s satellite position in relation to Earth.



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