The Moon

 and the Implications of Its Satellite Position



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An underlying Source

We already looked at projection in our exploration of the setup of the horoscope (texts 7.3, 8 and 9). Now that we know a bit more about the Moon, we may take an ever closer look at that setup. A projection can arise in two ways: either it is an image reflected by a concave mirror, or it has been projected by a lens with a (light) source behind it. This would imply that all factual, concrete information revealed through the projection, stems from such an underlying source. That is the given behind it. And vice versa: the way in which we experience this given, whether we appreciate it or not, can only be made clear to us through mirroring.
So the horoscope projection seems to be a joint venture of Saturn and the Moon. Saturn lays down the Ascendant point and the Moon will color in our subjective experience of it.
Depending on which projection we identify with, we may experience ourselves as merely a Self-created illusion, but also as a being intended to be here at this particular place and time, arising from an underlying source (10.1). Personally, I think both are true at the same time.
In this respect, we should bear in mind that identification does not take place through our imagination, nor through will-power. The process of identification requires movability, the ability to change location.


Changing position and identification

We have discussed the Self’s ability to change location before (17.2). Identification requires the ability to move about, both in interhuman communication and in the casting out of a project.
For identification with another person, on equal terms, we can use the influence of Venus through mirroring. In case of emotional matters, for example, one can stand by one another in the realm of feelings. The same goes for matters concerning the mind. Here, too, we need Venus’ quality of ‘receiving’ the other person, in order to achieve mutual exchange.
If, in such an exchange of images, one partner is on a different level than the other, a vertical movement is taking place. This makes an exchange on equal terms impossible, because one of the parties is putting himself above or below the other. This is the relationship that we find in therapeutic or teaching situations.
Changing positions along a vertical line is realised by means of a lens. The lens will zoom in to the desired level - astral, mental or physical – marking a point for the purpose of identification.
So the Moon is the instrument that can be used to change the position of the Self, both on the horizontal plane and along the vertical axis.


Harry Potter

These mirror and lens functions are related to a few Moon qualities that may cause confusion if we are unfamiliar with them. They represent special psychic abilities, which may also be abused. In order to avoid accidents, the experts do not disclose much about these matters, but since the appearance of Harry Potter we have gotten acquainted with these phenomena on a wider scale.


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