The Moon

 and the Implications of Its Satellite Position


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Mirroring can contribute to Self-knowledge. We may discover all kinds of tendencies in ourselves that we apparently need to tackle, but eventually, all changes will end up on Saturn’s plate. For this, he will have to give up his inflexibility, even though he is not cut out for that. Change is against his very nature, and so the only alternative is to start grinding the hard rock. That is when life hurts.
But just as the Moon had to be prepared for her mirroring function, the grindstone of life will eventually bring forth a lens with a well-centred, sharp focal point. With this lens, we will be able to create new images arising from an inner source.


Projection – everyone in their own way

We already discussed projection in a technical sense. Psychology teaches us thatin our daily lives, we will not immediately recognize our projections as such. We will treat them as if they were real things out there (18.5). All the more reason to take a closer look at our personal attitude in this respect (11.2.a).
With the Moon in a positive House and Sign, we project our own self-image onto the environment. When placed in a negative House and Sign, we are receptive to the images that are imprinted upon us by the environment, including our Self-image. There are many possible variations in the combination of House and Sign. Readers may find extensive descriptions of these elsewhere.
The multiple ways in which the Moon is able to adjust its focus, are reflections of its sucking and radiating, infusing and driving influences.



With a Moon or Saturn operating in a less pure way, the projected image becomes less reliable. However, when Saturn provides a well-centred, sharp focal point, in combination with a tranquil Moon, a well-functioning lens may develop. This in turn will enable one to consciously create new images.
In other words, when something is at the center of our life, our projects may become reality when their projection in time and space is carried out well. This of course requires a high-grade Saturnian quality, in the sense that we are not attached too strongly to our projects, are not bound by them.


Mirror, lens and focal point

With respect to the images formed by a mirror or a lens, a few points are of vital importance for our understanding:


1. A mirror reflects an existing image, bouncing it back, whereas a lens casts out an image that comes from a different realm. The image reflected by the mirror may be painful or flattering for the person at its receiving end, but in either case, the image corresponds to something that already exists within this field, this dimension, so it is never something new.


2. A flat mirror will produce an image whose light rays have not passed through a focal point; a flat mirror lacks any focal point or center. In other words, the intention of the mirroring agent does not have an impact on the image itself. The mirroring agent has an objectifying quality.

Yet the rays of images generated by a lens, or by a convex or concave mirror, do pass through a specific focal point. So in the images produced by a lens or by a convex or concave mirror, the Self’s intention is always involved.


3. Projection is created by a lens (with its focal point). The projector casts out an image (Moon) that arises from a different realm than the one in which the projections is made visible. That other realm may be our own psyche, leading us to believe that our inner conditionings are actually out there, in the objective world, in others. But it may also be a new idea, a budding seed that emerges and manifests itself in the objective world through projection, such as an invention or a project.

Any game, fantasy, stage play or work of art is a projection of, and arises from, a different level of reality where the Moon finds herself at that moment. The virtual world, too, has become a widely shared and commonly experienced ‘reality’ through projection. The genuineness of these projections fully depends on the significance they have for us, based on our own subjective experience, imagination or beliefs.


Group awareness and objectification

The larger the group of people who include such experiences into their reality, the more these will acquire an objective value. The planets beyond Saturn’s orbit play a key role in this. Through them, quantity becomes intersubjective truth.
In spite of this domination of quantities in our experience of the projected world, it cannot claim to be the truth at the level of objective reality, even though policy makers will have to take it into account.
The objective fact, as a given, is value-free. It derives its power from the significance that we assign to it. The position of the Moon in one’s horoscope will give important indications for this.



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