The Moon

 and the Implications of Its Satellite Position



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More parallels

Once again, we see a parallel emerging between the human body and that of Earth (14.2). Just as the etheric double follow the body’s contours, the Moon, too, does not describe an orbit of her own, but follows the orbit of Earth. Like the etheric double, the Moon, too, fulfils many functions regarding our health that remain beyond our Self-control and do not fluctuate along with our moods.
So in addition to the analogies that we mentioned before, it seems that we can identify yet another analogy here: the analogy between the Moon’s second function (beyond the Self’s control) and that of the etheric body.


figure 21.1.3 New Moon

This second function is not connected to the Self or the outer planets, as in the case of the astral and mental body. It is connected to the side that is unknown to the Self (more about this later), the side that at New Moon gets fully lighted up by the Sun, coming from the ‘Es’. (18.3)


The Lunar Node

Interestingly, the Moon sphere itself also contains a body that can be traced in an astrological sense. The Lunar orbit makes an angle of 7° with the Solar orbit (the Zodiac), which results in two intersection points, the Lunar Nodes, also called Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail. (*) Traditional astrology works with these a lot. They also often appear in ancient myths.
By analogy with the Ascendant and Descendant points, both Lunar Nodes can be seen as the Lunar body’s access point in the horoscope. However, here we do not refer to the Moon as the personality, as the inhabitant of the physical body, but as the etheric double. So the personal Self does not have an access point into the etheric body through the Lunar Node. Yet, its function is still important. In its vital significance for our health, this body represents our healing power.


In groups

Due to the slow progress of the Lunar Node through the Zodiac, contrary to the Ascendant, this point cannot be considered to be an individual factor. One and the same Lunar Node can therefore serve as access point for multiple souls at the same time. In accordance to this group function, it is sometimes said that the souls who will be incarnating within a specific Moon cycle, are being led into Earth’s aura via the passageway provided by the Lunar Node, in order to be born – each at their own, individual moment and place – as a personality in a physical body in this sublunary world (22.12.a). For our departure from the Earth realm, the descending Node, the Dragon’s Tail, is said to be the exit point.


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