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Looking back

As the reason for the start of this work on The Inner Sky I cited the difficult split (0.1) in which my world view found itself and my need to gain more insight into it. From the beginning I did not focus on assumed causal relationships, whether or not supported by statistical research, but the tracing of the analogous relationships and the discovery of their legal basis. (3.1) Now, looking back on the previous texts, I find that some clarity has come into this: Because in the difference between analogous and causal thinking, the explanation can be found for the incompatibility of the two. . This lies in the change of the place of observation: Before the "Renaissance" the Earth was supposed to be the center of the world and the solar system, but after that this role was taken by the Sun. This makes both approaches fundamentally different in their view of reality and the resulting perspective. The turning point for this lies in the period of the "Enlightenment" (18th century), when causal thinking became dominant and analogous thinking faded into the background: both approaches do not support each other (3.3). It's as simple as that.


Looking forward

With the discovery and mention of the lawful nature of analogue thinking on this site (3.1), the dilemma in me was able to relax a bit on this point: After all, this approach to reality has, just like causal thinking, an underlying objective legal basis, on which a further exploration can be lifted above the subjective and so the objectification of astrology can be further built up. (3.1)


Turn around

The discovery of the legal nature of analogous thinking therefore offers good prospects for continuing the voyage of discovery. The condition is that we continue exclusively on this line of thought. After all, both lines of thought have a different starting point and their results therefore remain alien to each other (11.2.a). Continuing this exploration thus implies a turnaround in our thinking, in which we withdraw from our usual, well-trained, causal way of thinking with results based on statistical significance, to change course and continue working with the line of thought of an organic, interrelated coherence of the elements. From that turnaround, we now continue to explore the sphere of the Earth and that of its inhabitants.




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