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15.2 Journey Around the Sun





Two focal points

The first person to draw my attention to the concept of the ‘Spiritual Sun’ was Hans Cosman. During one of his evening classes in 1974, he cited Lena de Beer’s booklet in which she points out that Earth’s elliptic orbit around the Sun implies that there is a second focal point, and not just one midpoint as would be the case in a perfect circle.


Two Suns

In one focal point, we find our familiar, physical Sun. In the other focal point, we see nothing. Yet, this focal point, too, must generate an effect similar to that of the Sun, otherwise this elliptic orbit would not be able to maintain itself. This second focal point constitutes a second anchor point for Earth and therefore also for Man as well.



While the physical Sun reaches its lowest point at December 21st, the second focal point reaches its lowest position at the 25th and 26th of December, due to the 58 : 60 ratio between the ellipse’s two radiuses. In the Western world, Christmas is celebrated on these two days. It is surely remarkable that the lowest position of this second focal point is supported so universally in people’s consciousness.

Perception and application

These are amazing facts. Even though the specific term for this second focal point may come across as slightly suggestive, in our discussion of the orbs of aspects between planets we will see that it has some consequences for practical astrology as well.




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