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No artefacts

In the projection procedure that we have been examining, we approach the center through a tool that has been derived from this same center. Since this tool is itself a function of our point of departure in this approach, there is no need to expect any undesirable artefacts in our results.


Analogical correlations within measuring systems

We have now reached the point where we can assign a qualitative function to the basic elements of any measuring system, as follows:

1. a source or consciousness in the form of a center point, whether or not it has been divided and extended into a central axis arising from that center point,
2. a transferring agent in the form of a radius or projection arc,
3. a plane or field where the transferred content takes form and becomes visible.


These three elements have a functional relationship to one another that can be summarized in the following equation:


source : transferrer : form of manifestation =
= center : radius : circumference =
= Sun : Moon : Ascendant.


In this equation:
1. the Solar quality corresponds, by analogy, to a function of consciousness in the center and/or the polar axis erected from this center,
2. the Lunar quality corresponds, by analogy, to the function of an intermediary agent, realized by means of the radius of a circle and/or projection arcs, and
3. the Ascendant corresponds, by analogy, to the circumference of the plane where the image becomes visible. This is the circle’s circumference.


The Moon as transferring agent

For readers who are familiar with astrology, the first and last analogies will not be very difficult to accept. Traditionally, the Sun is known as the principle of centrality, just as the Ascendant is known as the gateway to the outside world. The function of the Moon, however, does require some further explanation. As mentioned before (6.2), the Lunar principle will be elaborated upon in later paragraphs.
At this point, I merely wanted to anchor the functional correlations within measuring systems in the equation given above, so that it can serve as a summary of our investigation so far.




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