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Previous findings

So far, we have been able to reach a few conclusions and lay out some points for further investigation. If you would like to review those, please click here.



Summary of our present findings

The three spheres around the Earth each have their own coördinate system that is used to take the necessary measurements for describing specific positions within that particular sphere.


Their setup invariably consists of three elements that are perpendicular to each other. To review this topic, please click here


Their setup is also invariably based on the same principle, which implies that their elements are analogical to each other. To review this topic, please click here.


All three spheres have their origin in the human perspective. They all revolve around human beings as their center.


By now, the working model of analogical thinking has been demonstrated and applied several times. From now on, it will be assumed that readers are sufficiently familiar with it.

This line of thinking will serve us later as a conceptual compass for understanding the setup and subsequent interpretation of the horoscope itself.



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