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Development and liberation

Hans Cosman had a different approach. For him, too, the birth chart constituted the basic blueprint for someone’s fate and life, yet he emphasized that you should never use the planetary positions in your horoscope as an excuse for your attitude or actions. On the contrary, the self-knowledge that a horoscope can offer us, provides clues for further development. In this sense, he would even call astrology a road to liberation from illusion. This implied a viewpoint diametrically opposed to the karmically determined view of Jan Bakker. Hans Cosman's approach provided insight in our personal illusion, implicitly referring in that to a room for change.

By paying attention to the projection mechanisms involved in setting up the horoscope, he paved the way for this room for movement. He emphasized our inalienable free will, as well as the solo effort that road implied.



Both viewpoints represent a familiar, valid aspect of our existence. However, during those classes, the relationship between them remained unclear, with the result that for me their approach of the horoscope remained ambiguous.

Combined with the questions I mentioned in the Foreword (0.1), this confronted me with a tangle of interconnected enigmas. These are not inconsequential nor merely of philosophical interest. They are existential, which compels me to go more deeply into them.


The Inner Sky approach

As mentioned before (0.2), I experience astrology as a tool with a very powerful potential. Still, to be able to apply this mental framework, we need insight into its working model, its premises. So in practical terms, we need to gain some understanding of the setup of the horoscope, its underlying assumptions and its working material. That is why this topic is discussed first. Section One is therefore somewhat abstract and technical. Nevertheless, readers will discover that these abstract notions are brought to life in a meaningful way and will contribute to the deeper understanding that is required. This will eventually be reflected in the final interpretation of the horoscope.



In order to get a clear understanding of the setup of the horoscope as a blueprint for reality, I start out on my quest at the very beginning: from which sources is the astrological working material derived and which panoramic view do these sources offer us - and which not?
This setup determines our field of work. It also provides insight in the potential of astrology as a path of human development, a path pointed out by both Jan Bakker and Hans Cosman, each in their own way.



In spite of the obvious importance to start out with defining our field of work, experience teaches us that the first, quick interest of readers tends to go to the interpretational side of astrology. Therefore every page contains a "Contents" link in the left margin, so readers can choose from the very start which texts they prefer to read first.

Whenever required for a better understanding, at points where consequential conclusions have been drawn, links to relevant texts have been inserted, so readers can easily review the steps that have led up to those conclusions.

In the hope that the vision presented here, coming from the abstract, may contribute to the general insight in astrology as well as to the interpretation of horoscopes, I wish my readers pleasant reading hours.



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