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Contents and Reading Route

In the preface I describe what made me decide to embark upon my search for 'The Inner Sky'. The contents page is the central portal to my account of this search, listing all documents that make up this search. A link to this Contents page is provided in the left margin of every page.
I have expounded my line of reasoning step by step in the reading route. Clicking on the 'routing forward' and 'routing back' allows you to browse through the various chapters.
'The Inner Sky' consists of various Parts. On the contents page you will find a short description of each Part, as well as a list of all subheadings within the texts. By clicking on them, you can enter the Reading Route at any point you wish.  
Click on any of the chapters that appear on the contents page and you will find a list of all subjects covered in that Part, including any appendixes and references.
In the texts you will find frequent links to other pages that refer to the same theme. Through the 'back' link in the left margin you can return to your previous page.


Short Excursions

The Reading Route follows the central line of reasoning within 'The Inner Sky'. Now and then you can make short excursions to more detailed information or some additional thoughts on the subject at hand. These excursions are called appendixes. Again, you can return to the point where you left the Reading Route by clicking on the 'back' button in the upper left margin.
In a similar manner, any references to other literature are marked by an asterisk (*) throughout the texts.



This on-line book is still under construction. Under the link contact readers may exchange ideas about the approach to astrology that is presented on this website. In the Inner Sky Courier, which can be opened through the link at the top of the welcomepage, I'll keep you posted about the progress and changes on this study site.
Enjoy your journey into The Inner Sky!



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