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Why this website?



In our attempts to experience the world around us as a logical, interconnected whole, we human beings have developed various mindsets over time. Our scientific and religious systems can serve us as tools for an integrative approach to the phenomena around us. Within a coherent world view, in which things all have their own place and meaning, we can make meaningful choices and determine which direction to take.


My frames of reference

There are many different mindsets in the world. In my younger years I have been exposed to the ideas of J. Krishnamurti. To some extent they determined my observations and the way I interpreted them. In more academic circles at university, I stepped into the mindset of causal relationships and all its underlying presuppositions. This gave me something concrete to hold on to. Yet after my meeting with well-known Dutch clairvoyant Gerard Croiset, I was left with the firm impression that reality actually consists of multiple levels, all operating according to their own specific laws. But when at last astrology came on my way I was told that reality was related to celestial factors ruling us from far outside our own sphere of influence.

Thus I found myself living with four world views based on four different sets of presuppositions, each of them showing an internally consistent coherence, yet all remaining alien in nature to the others.


More world views

Apart from the ones that I have become acquainted with personally, there are many other mindsets in the world. I already mentioned the various religious systems. But also within science and philosophy one finds many different schools of thought, each of them attempting to interprete phenomena in their own way in order to offer us guidelines for our attitude and actions.


Drawn and quartered

These four mindsets all played quite an influential role in my life, yet I could not substitute the validity of one system by that of another. All four of them are equally true when one accepts their underlying presuppositions. The result was that my thinking was drawn and quartered into four different directions. As this is rather uncomfortable, I felt the need to do something about it.



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