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Interpreting the horoscope chart implies that we will be translating the cosmic given into a concrete, visible manifestation. This is a very special endeavor and we would do well to take a moment to realize this. After all, we are now making a switch from the abstract given to concrete daily life and people’s personal values that matter to them. In other words, we transfer (6.2) the abstract constellation from a higher potential into the personal realm. For many people, this realm is marked by fixed values and often by personal sensitivities as well.


Sublimation and transformation

While we were studying (planetary) relationships in those abstract realms, these personal points were not weighed but passed over and sublimated. This is as it should be, because for any study, we must take care to keep our distance from personal and culture-specific projections. Yet, we should apply the same amount of care when returning to the concrete realm. For the owner of the horoscope, a direct confrontation with the abstract (potentized) given can result in personal harm, because the abstract realms show these constellations as raised to a higher power. For their interpretation, we transform these data to the concrete realm by extracting their square root, as it were (25.7), while in our conversation with the horoscope’s owner (22.17), it is of paramount importance to always keep the personal given intact ,in a functional sense.


Summary of our present findings

The following work model may serve as a summary of what we have found so far:
a. We can imagine the appearance of a human being in our earthly realm as a rotating sphere in which an ego, coming from a larger, encompassing whole (18.1.a), casts out a field for its Self-development that is limited in place and time (6.2 and 8.1).
b. The rotation, as a form of I-sayer (16.2), creates a field that exerts an influence on the surrounding larger whole (18.1.b and 21.3).
c. In the baby and toddler phase, the soul forces still have free play, independent from each other, while the mother (the Moon) serves as an external, coordinating, Self-shaping factor (21.1).
d. Passing through various intermediate stages of polarization and centering (21.2), the Self can develop into mature independence (21.3) around the age of 28 (22.21). The extent to which this mature independence crystallizes out, will vary strongly from person to person.
e. The focus of the Self is either outgoing (25.3.a) or incoming (25.3.a) and will be more suitable for either converging (22.18) or dispersing (22.18) actions and/or reactions.


Varying capabilities

As it turns out, the extent to which people are capable to pass through this Self-developing process of going out and coming back (25.3.a), varies strongly indeed. From a horoscope perspective, this implies that already at birth, people vary in their ability to construct a workable Self (16.2) as well as to break it down and build it up again, in a regeneration process (15.4).
Taking an overall view, the image that emerges is that of a basic structure, unique for every person, in which we have specific experiences as a reflex of our self-projected field of development (16.2).
We will now enter into that developmental field, in order to learn to determine its degree of organization and how this takes form (16.1).
In this way, a central issue can be pointed out as the essential aspect-of-being that the person involved is working out in this life of time and space. At the termination of this temporal form, the fruit of the process can be turned over again to the larger, surrounding context (1.4).



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