addendum 25.8.b Declination in the equator system

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Declination in the equator system


We are all familiar with the smaller version of the Equator System through our geography classes. By means of the longitude and latitude degrees of this terrestrial system, we can accurately indicate any place on Earth. The co-ordinates of this system are valid all over the Earth. By mentally expanding this system into space, we obtain the Equator System.


fig 25.8.b The equator system

The Celestial Equator can be seen as an expansion of the terrestrial Equator plane. Similarly, by elongating the terrestrial North-South axis we can determine the North and South Celestial Poles. These two Celestial Poles form the suspension points for the Celestial Meridians.

In the Equator System, the co-ordinates are recorded as right ascension and declination.



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