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The Earth and Mankind

In the same way, two different qualities can be active in a person’s consciousness, as follows: The midpoint from which the radius starts out to the circumference has a different quality than the midpoint in which the returning radius is absorbed again. These two qualities are related to the principles of Aries and Pisces respectively. Both touch one another in the Ascendant point (10.2).
Besides Mars and Venus, the outgoing and incoming conjunctions are also based on these qualities. We will discuss these conjunctions in the next text about the Interpretation of the Aspects.


Support for the orb

So actually, the aspects at the circumference are not just connected to merely one midpoint, but to a small midpoint speck. The aspects are therefore not limited to one single point in the Zodiac either, where they become manifest, but show a short trajectory of increasing and decreasing intensity at the circumference.
This fact enables us to underpin the size of the orb that is traditionally allowed in astrology. This explanation was given in the previous century and has been restated by Leo Knegt (*). Based on the ratio of the two radiuses in the elliptical orbit of Earth (60 : 58), he extracted the square root from the difference between both their involutions, as follows:  

√(60²– 58²) = √(3600 - 3364) = √236 = 15,4


This results in an orb of well over 15°.
So the traditional orb of 7,5° on either side of the full aspect, previously based on empirical findings, can now also be founded on the physical facts of Earth’s orbit.


Dimension and function

Based on these astronomical facts, Knegt sets the aspect’s increasing and decreasing trajectory as the maximum limit for the area where the aspect’s influence can be received by the Earth. Applying the square root connection to the physical field, he opens up the realm of influence behind it. In that realm, he can then determine the sensitive zone in which an aspect exerts its influence.


Within the field of Earth

Because we live in that Earth field, we cannot be affected by anything beyond that limit. Although in each individual case, the Self is organized and centered in a unique way, we can still only receive what first has been received by the Earth. As we have seen, this also goes for realms outside our familiar physical world (see 15.2.a - about the date of Christmas). So aspects may have a narrower orb, but definitely not a wider one.


Other reference points

Apart from the aspects coming from inscribed regular bodies in a circle, astrology also works with other reference points. These include anticipoints, parallel aspects and aspects between out-of-bounds planets. The connections are found in these aspects refer to an equivalent but opposite declination of two the planets involved, or to a specific combination between latitude and declination. As they are based on different reference points, these aspects imply a different working model. In this model, human beings are seen as unrelated to the Center. A discussion of this type of aspects is outside the scope of this website, The Inner Sky.


Summary – aspects as function of the Moon

Summarizing, we can state the following:
1 Any aspect that is based on the midpoint angle is also a form of expression of that Center.
2 Each of these aspects represents a facet of the Moon.
3 As we have seen, the Moon functions in areas with an autonomous function (25.4.a), as well as in the personal-psychological field. So all of these aspects display a dual character.
4 As instruments of the Moon, this dual function of the aspects is based on their capacity for reciprocal reflection between the Center and the circumference and back again. All these aspects, returning from the circumference, are involved in the shaping of the Self.
5 Finally, the aspects that contribute to Self-development all turn out to form part of a rhythmical sequence. In this sequence, they initially move away from their point of application and finally move towards it again.
6. The maximum orb of aspects turns out to be related to the outgoing and incoming arc of the process of Self-development.

This summary concludes our preliminary discussion of the aspect.




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