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At the circumference, it is the chord that gives shape to an aspect, manifesting the tension down to the physical realm. With her reflecting power the Moon processes the aspects from the circumference along the radius back to the center. Besides the relationships between chord, center and circumference, one would also expect a functional relationship between chord and radius. However, as they are perpendicular to each other, they are not operative in the same realm (9.3). We encountered a similar situation in our discussion of the different levels of reality (3.1 and 3.1.1). Once again, we may ask (24.2) whether a relationship can be found in which one realm can be expressed in terms of the other.


Chord and radius

Searching for this related form of expression, the Dutch astrologer Leo Knegt found the square root connection between chord and radius. That connection indicates that the chord on one level is an expression of the radius on another level. This square root connection happens to occur as a regular sequence for the major aspects (25.5.a) (*). With this finding, Knegt has cast a new light on this particular group of aspects, which apparently can extend their influence to each of the three dimensions of center, radius and circumference. As a group, the major aspects are therefore a suitable instrument for the process of Self-development.


Major and minor aspects

For the group of centripetal aspects, based on a midpoint angle of 30° or a multiple thereof, we have now found support for the traditional difference in influence between the major and the minor aspects. Remember:


The major aspects are 0°, 60°, 90°, 120° and 180° and

the minor aspects 30° and 150°.


Within this group, the two minor aspects are not part of the regular sequence shown in the addendum. Consequentially, they only fulfill a secondary role in the process of Self-development (25.5.a).


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