addendum 25.4.b Venus

to 25.4.a The aspect of 72 degrees


Venus as key


The retrograde Venus

The points of the pentagram span the whole of the arch of heaven. By consistently skipping one angular point, their connecting lines form an inscribed pentagram within the figure. This pentagram can be observed in the actual firmament in the retrograde positions of planet Venus (*).
These points are formed in the Zodiacal degrees where retrograde Venus makes her subsequent conjunctions with the Sun. These conjunctions are always ± 144° apart. In this way, Venus describes a pentagram in the sky. By continually drawing the golden section in the firmament, she is continually sharing her beauty.


Unlocking the inner realms

With this, she bears witness to this fivefold facet of Creation, leading us into the inner realms of existence.
We already touched on this unlocking function when we spoke about Venus as evening and morning star. This is why she is sometimes called the key to that other world.




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