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The autonomy of the 72º aspect


A different function

The lines within the pentagram do not follow the radius of the circle, therefore this figure does not serve the development of the Self. It is simply not equipped for this function. Just like the chord, the pentagram has a different raison d’être with a correspondingly different function (22.1122.12). We already pointed this out in previous texts (23.2,23.323.5).


5 ster

fig. 25.4.a The pentagram with further inscribed pentagrams



Previously, we already encountered a fraction of the number 72 in the 18 years’ orbit time of the Lunar Node (22.2). In traditional astrology, much importance is given to the Lunar Node (Pendragon). It is said that 18-year-old youngsters are connected in the purest way to their underlying ego and the course that has been plotted for their incarnation. At this age, young people are still scarcely corruptible. The ages of 36 and 72, too, are seen as moments in time at which the connection to one’s own life line is being ‘updated’.


Independent whirls

The aspect of 72° is based only on the chord. The latter is the direct representative of the Center and works imperatively, or to put it differently, through bypassing the person. The lines of the pentagram continue, in a rhythm of their own, as independent swirls along the circle’s circumference. In this respect, the figure resembles the retrograde orbit of Venus when it imprints a pentagram on the Zodiac (25.4.b). The autonomy of this movement and the undivided appearance of its center (pars) points to a remarkable relationship between Venus and Earth. Actually, the chord’s influence is directly communicated to Earth here, without any detour.



This adds another function to the manifold influences assigned to the Moon (22). After all, in the triad of Center, radius and circumference, the radius aspect of the Moon represents its function as an intermediary and a projector. Here we find ourselves in the working model of psychological astrology, where the Moon reflects and reacts.
However, the chord also implies a direct transferal from the Center to the circumference, which gives it an inductive function. Here the Moon is the effective instrument of educators through structuring and rhythmical actions, as well as any other methodical work intended to imprint a basic plan onto the environment.
So the transferal of the chord’s content does not happen via the reasonable, reflective contact from one person to another. It is the action itself that has a direct impact, bypassing the personal connection.




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