addendum 25.3.a

to 25.3 The aspect



About midpoint, circumference and development



Jan Bakker:

On the subject of the field for development:

“(…) for something to develop itself, it needs a field where it is able to do so. The entity wanting to develop itself must project itself into that field and take form there, in order to be able to receive its own reflections. Through this process, consciousness can come to self-awareness.”
(Jan Bakker, verbal statement)


Hans Cosman: (*)

On the subject of revelation:

…..... I remind you of the image of a revealed universe, where the totality of space is being nourished and filled by the stream of life or vitality emanating from its center. The potentiality of this center defines the limits of its radiation, that is, its boundary at the circumference. Through the reflection of impressions coming in from the outside, in the center something is aroused that we call consciousness.
Life on the outside causes per reflex consciousness on the inside. Over time, that consciousness grows into self-awareness in and of its center. …

Hans Cosman: Urania, autumn 1979, page 5 (*)



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