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So the tensil strength of the Self, as the Center’s active power, is activated at the circumference. From its pivotal position, it casts out around itself its non-Self, its surroundings, calling its own circumstances into being. In so doing, it creates an environment for itself, an object, to which it is subjected automatically, also in a subjective sense (6.2, 10.1). The experience that is being gained, leads the Self to Self-recognition and Self-awareness. Depending on its appreciation for what is being experienced, the Self is able to reconsider and retract its tensional force (13.8) and attune it anew to its environment (15.4).
This is how the aspects realize the awakening of Self-awareness as well as the development of the environment, which is an exponent of that same Self.


The aspect: both imperative given and under our control

In contrast to the chord, which imprints the aspect’s form onto the circumference in a Saturnian way (that is, as a direct imprint of Spirit in matter), the aspect’s inherent quality corresponds to the personal quality of the soul, the principle of the radius, that is, to the Moon.

We can now see how the aspects reveal themselves, on the one hand, as the imperative given of our circumstances, and on the other hand, as our personal soul content, which can be brought under our control.


This leads us to a twofold understanding of the horoscope, both as the blueprint for our human existence and as the point of force application for our development and growth in consciousness.


The integrated whole

The aspects integrate the organic relationship between planets and Zodiac in the horoscope. This constitutes the basic given as a whole. The shuttle function, which is needed for the development of this given, operates along the radius, the Moon. The quotes from Jan Bakker and Hans Cosman cited earlier already alluded to this topic.
Readers will no doubt realize that the distinction between chord and radius also has implications for the issue of ‘astrology and free will’ (1.0.1, 1.0.2, 2.1 and 18.1.a).


Shuttle function

We can regard our Moon as our body for obtaining experience and also as our developer. For both functions, the aspects serve as her instruments, which she is able to adjust. However, not all aspects are involved in this in the same manner. This has to do with their shuttle function from and to the Center. Not all aspects are available or suitable for this function.


Two groups of aspects

On closer examination, it turns out that some aspects reflect back from the circumference to the Center and others do not. For the Self, that reciprocity is essential, as it needs this feedback in order to wake up to itself through the echo coming from its environment.
The first group involves the aspects that are based on a midpoint’s angle of 60° or a derivative thereof. The second group comprises the aspects that are based on a midpoint’s angle of 72° or a derivative thereof.


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