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The Earth’s axis and objectification

The example of a plant’s stages of growth clarifies multiple aspects of the Zodiac:

1. It shows the connection between the growth process and the cycle of the seasons.

2. It directly mirrors the Earth’s axial tilt in relation to the Sun throughout the year.

3. This gives the Zodiac an objectifiable foundation.

4. It refrains from resorting to the (commonly used) qualifications of good (vis) or bad (scor) Signs. From this example, it is clear that each stage in this twelvefold sequence fulfills its own function in the process (18.5).


Internal coherence

In order to complete the image of the Zodiac, an overview of all internal relationships within the Zodiac follows here:

1. The four elements relieve each other in a specific rhythm: Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Together, they give shape to each of the three consecutive stages of arising, existing and perishing.
In addition, we find that all four elements are related to each other in a cross-like manner, leading to the Cardinal Cross, the Fixed Cross and the Mutable Cross.
2. The twelve Signs take turns in being focused either outwards or inwards, forming two groups of six Signs with a similar focus.
3. All opposite Signs turn out to display contrasting qualities, resulting in six qualitative axes. 
4. Finally, we have the congenial triangles of the elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water.


Circumference and center

In addition to the growth cycle of the plant, the relationships mentioned above refer to a multi-faceted internal coherence between the Signs of the Zodiac. This coherence makes the Zodiac not only a mirror of the cyclical progression of time, but also an internally coherent organism, a field of tension outside of time.


Crystalline structures

The growth cycle that we have just illustrated with a plant's life, is based on the circumference and the passage of time, while the other structures mentioned above are unrelated to either circumference or time. They reveal themselves from the Center, from which regular bodies and crystalline figures can be projected to the circumference. 



Fig. 24.8.1, Crystalline structures


Bringing back the magic

Once again I want to emphasize here, perhaps unnecessarily, that this organism as a whole should be understood as an exponent of Earth, who, from her inner growth axes, reveals herself to us in all her splendor and glory.
After our demystification (24.4) of, and our breaking free from, the traditional views about the Sidereal Zodiac, it now turns out that we are actually partaking in this beauty ourselves. For whenever there is an I-sayer in the Center (18.4.b), that is, in each of the three Zodiacal Crosses, we are casting out such a sphere. For the Self, this sphere then becomes an object, a tool, to which we are not just subjected, as assumed before (24.1), but in which we also function as co-creators for the whole (24.2). This brings back the magic to our lives. Yet this magic is not limited to astrology as such, but arises from the phenomenon of ‘pro-jection’, in which we conjure up a world of our own.
In spite of this, or maybe thanks to this, the timebound progression of the Zodiacal Signs along the circumference also forms the point of application for karmic influences (1.0.1 and 1.0.2).



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