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Pluto in Essence

After Uranus taking the initiative and Neptune pursuing it further, Pluto, as the third party in this trio, Pluto brings the new into manifestation. His interventions are impersonal, comprehensive and uncompromising. Pluto implements the 'counterworld', making it a reality.
Pluto neutralizes Saturn’s gravity, nullifying the influence of the Saturnian Self by lifting it up and removing it from its position (17.3). This undoing function is Pluto's core quality.
Seen from the Ascendant, Pluto is the great initiator. In Eastern religions, Pluto is known as the god Shiva. As Creator-Destroyer, he operates through the Ascendant point and has the power to throw in new seeds for life, either in the direction of the Zodiac or contrary to it.


The two facets of Pluto

In his role as a magnified Mars, Pluto leads to aggression and violence in people who do not know themselves or are unable to keep themselves centered. More in general, Pluto increases our physical capacity for work. But he also spurs us on, leading to nervousness and the sense of being rushed. Within the soul he stands for our inner drive and fascination, but also for obsession.
In people with a certain degree of self-knowledge, Pluto's undoing stirs up elements of both the upper world and the underworld. Pluto may be able to elevate, but he can also lift in the sense of stealing (17.3).

In his function as undoer, we see Pluto at work in the lifting of heavy weights, blockades and sanctions, as well as in the removal of institutions or other associations. When he ‘lifts’ people, he takes away their legal ground. In short, he sidelines Saturn.

We are familiar with Pluto's pushing effect in the form of imposing one's will on others through manipulation and hypnosis (17.1).
While Uranus was still only turning away from the establishment, Pluto emerges as the true rebel. One example would be the active members of Greenpeace, who place themselves above the authority of governments and move into self-justified action. Just as his two predecessors, Pluto, too, is ungovernable.



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