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Neptune in Essence

As we have seen before, the three inner planets and the three outer planets each form a group in which their core meanings are internally interconnected (18.4). Applying this model to the planets beyond Saturn’s orbit, the core meanings of Neptune and Pluto will naturally flow from those of Uranus. The breakthrough of Uranus is taken further in the vision of Neptune.
The new world that is opened up by Uranus, is filled with life by Neptune.  Neptune does not bring us intellectual concepts, but expresses himself in universal laws, culture-transcending insights and time-transcending visions. His images go beyond concrete forms and human proportions; he predisposes us to contemplation and grants us insight and therefore connection and wisdom.
In a pragmatic sense, his insights are not practicable, nor is this his intention. Such a partial approach would only stand in the way of his universal qualities. He does not value forms, preferring to avoid them and to open up to what lives behind those forms (23.5).

Because of his formlessness, one cannot get a grip on Neptune - nor on Uranus, for that matter: both Neptune and Uranus turn out be uncontrollable. Neptune operates outside of values and expands our senses (0.1), enabling us to experience the unlimited realm of our twin brother.
Depending on his position and aspects in our horoscope, he can serve us as spiritual guide, but he may just as well lead us to ruin as a will-o'-the-wisp above the morass.
Either way, in turning his back on form, Neptune has the tendency to unsettle all structures, undermining them and wishing to shake them off.


The two facets of Neptune

While Jupiter brings us healing, offering us the religions and their customs, teaching us the prevailing mores of the club mentality to make sure that we adapt in order to fit in, Neptune will blur the boundaries of those projected, man-made systems, offering us a glimpse of the infinite coherence of human and cosmic relationships. He shows us the parallels between various belief systems, pointing out the insight behind them and bringing us healing on a deeper level.
Besides the blurring of boundaries, Neptune also represents the blurring of moral standards, as well as anonymity and escape routes. He is the tramp without a fixed home or address. He brings people under the influence of 'mind-expanding' drugs, which may temporarily release them from narrow-mindedness, but in the long run will fetter them physically and psychologically. On the other hand, he also incites us to meditate and seek inner silence.
Last but not least, he operates outside of accepted values. He is the mystic as well as the spy whose secret mission requires him to alienate himself from his loved ones in order to be able to do his work in complete anonymity.
From the community's perspective, the Neptunian individual is an odd character, someone who may evoke sympathy, yet remains an outsider.


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