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Saturn and Uranus: border guard and transgressor

When we compare the core interpretations of Saturn and Uranus, it turns out that Uranus, in his own way, is actually a manifestation of Saturn. However, this is not a polar or complementary form of manifestation, as in the case of the Sun’s warmth versus the coldness of Saturn (19.1). Uranus is all about breaking open the Saturnian boundary, implying an inversion of that boundary. Thus Uranus' core significance hinges around Saturn's border zone, by seizing Saturn’s power and throwing it out into unlimited space.

Being the first planet outside the orbit of Saturn, Uranus is known as the transgressor. We can see how this core meaning is the result of the same human criterium as Saturn’s core meaning as border guard. Many more contrasting meanings can be assigned to these two planets, all revolving around the same core concept. Saturn stands for all that is chronical, Uranus for anything abrupt; Saturn represents wear and tear over the years, Uranus sudden breakage, Saturn is traditional and Uranus is modern. This is about the ice versus the icebreaker, holding ans controlling versus breaking through, converging rays from the circumference into a focus point, versus the flash flaring up from within.
So Uranus’ core significance is in completely in line with what our earlier conclusions that the human measure turns out to be the only measure (18.1, 23.1).


Uranus in Essence

While Saturn wants to control things as much as possible, Uranus does the opposite. Uranus breaks up all structure and flings everything away to the farthermost limits of the universe. He breaks taboos, inverts electrical charges and changes states of aggregation. His influence includes electricity and specifically electric shocks. Sudden occurrences, upheavals and turnovers, and the sparking between two charged poles all belong to his domain. In general, he stands for the unexpected, the unforeseen and for (clean) breaks.

Uranus reveals invisible worlds, such as the small-scale world under a microscope. But also in a larger, social sense, he pulls aside the curtains, revealing what had been hidden from view before, as in the case of Wikileaks!
Breakthrough is his middle name. Yet Uranus himself is not the innovator; he merely breaks loose from the old and turns everything upside down. In this new tension, the old is not able to survive. After an Uranian intervention, life will never be the same again.
Uranus is not about a slow process of change that is cautiously set in motion and remains under control, but about sudden changes that catch us unawares from one moment to the next. Uranus pops up as a bolt from the blue, making us feel thunderstruck.


The two facets of Uranus

Because of its fragmenting effect, Uranus takes the small Self (Saturn) of a great number of individuals and turns it into crowds. Many separate individuals can form an anonymous mass of people who may not even know each other but who all identify with a shared sense of togetherness, constituting a joint force. We can also see this as a magnified Saturn; this Uranus embodies the Saturnian laws of democracy, labor unions and viewer ratings.
Uranus can also support an association of people who do know each other individually and have joined hands for a common interest or cause.
Finally, Uranus can also embody self-awareness. This would be the true democrat who recognizes the Sun in every person, but it could also be the maverick who will not let himself be compromised or tied down, or the extravagant ec-centr-ic or any people who leave the beaten track. The Uranian inversion often brings about a breakthrough in consciousness.
A strong positioning of Uranus in the birth chart is characteristic for people who resist being forced to fit into a greater system. Rigid structures bother them and they will disrupt the peace and harmony by jerking themselves loose. The figure of the whistle-blower, too, has need of a prominent and self-willed Uranus.


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