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Natural and Supernatural

Entering a collective domain may affect the formation of the Self in a compressing, exploding, imploding or extracting way. Indeed, when we look at the core meanings of the planets beyond Saturn's orbit, we must conclude that we not only have entered the collective domain, as mentioned above, but also that we have now moved from the natural to the supernatural world, involving forces with effects that fall outside the personal-reasonable. 
These extra-personal realms lack the objectified frameworks provided by society, so it is up to the person in question to take care of his or her safety.



There is a risk of the Self being pulled out of its Center, which automatically will result in transgressing our own boundaries (6.1). Overestimating oneself, vanity and thirst for power are some of its well-known effects. In extreme cases, the Self, as the person’s core and conscience, can be destroyed
The collective is always more powerful than the individual when the Self is not aware of this fact and attempts, on its own authority, to claim these forces as its own.


A curious coincidence

It remains a curious coincidence that the core meanings of all planets turn out to be completely dependent on the position of the Earth in our solar system and the limitations of our human visual power, even while these influences can also be found in the non-human processes taking place in our terrestrial world. Some examples are important scientific discoveries that expand our possibilities to a whole new level, or the outbreak of wars and financial and political crises, but also earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the zeitgeist in general. Particularly in the slower planets beyond Saturn’s orbit, we can easily track these large-scale influences. One almost gets the impression as if Man’s development, in his human measure, is connected to that of Earth (1.4, 2.1, 23.1, 23.11), in the sense that apparently, Earth itself also goes through a developmental process, whatever its nature may be. This is definitely food for thought.



Now that we have been able to identify all planets as factors within the field of Man and Earth, we can conclude this third Part of Inner Sky. 
In Section 4 we will return to our journey around the Sun (15), to continue our exploration of the Zodiac and the aspects of the planets within it.




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