The Planets of the Self


A first overview



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A Self-creating Self

Through its separation from the larger cosmic unity, the Self limits itself to a local, temporary form of manifestation (11.1). The rotation that accompanies this autonomous, self-reliant stance, calls forth an energetic field with its own internal orderly arrangement (16.1) in which all planets, including their aspects, serve as forms of manifestation or vehicles for the Self.



As we have seen, the planet meanings or principles in the subsequent shells around Earth, in particular those of Sun and Saturn, are a reflection of the effects of this Self-rotation (16.1), in which the Self casts out and orderly arranges its personal energetic field. It has also become clear that the powers of Sun and Saturn are not available to us directly (18.4), since they function at a deeper level in the soul. These deeper powers must first await the maturation of the two layers above them, the more primal layers of feeling and thinking (18.4), before they can be consciously implemented for the adult management of our field. For as we have seen before (6.2), every development requires a field in which that development can take place.


The field and its circumference

From the circumference, at the far end of this (self-cast or self-sung 11.1) field, the Self hears back the echo of its own vibration (6.2). For its existential Self-experience, the Self needs that boundary. The (still immature) Self will therefore guard its borders and use any available means to resist any changes in its field (17.2). In this way, it justifies its own existence, but also isolates itself at the same time, wrapping itself up in a self-assumed (18.5), self-created world. Still, this field is where its development takes place.
In these qualities of sealing off, wrapping up, controlling and preserving, we can recognize the Saturnian character of the Self once more.


Two border guardians

Both the Moon and Saturn are involved in the guarding of the borders of this developmental field.
The Moon orbits Earth in 28 days. This makes her the fastest celestial body around Earth; only through her shell, other influences can reach Earth. With her quick rounds, the Moon is therefore the first controller and border guard around Earth.
The second border guard is Saturn. He is the last on the list, delimitating the visible part of the Solar System, to our human eyes at least.
The eventual maturation of the Self requires the input of both factors (18.5).
The Moon, being a satellite orbiting Earth, has a physical, astronomical position, whereas Saturn owes its border guard function to our limited human eyesight. In other words, Saturn is connected to the human measure, which implies that he can be passed, whereas the Moon will retain her position relative to Earth (that is, to Man) under all circumstances.


In this way Moon and Saturn both have their own specific basis for their function as border guards, so each also has its own point of application (18.5) in Man.


Thus in the maturation process of the soul, developing from feeling and thinking into the adult functioning of the Self, the Moon and Saturn are in constant interaction with each other.
As boundary principles, they offer the Self a first application point, from where it can determine its field and recognize itself in it. Both boundary principles serve as alternating pivot points for the subsequent stages of the Self-development process.


Envelopment and development

As we have seen, Self-awareness shows up in different forms in the various culture regions on Earth (14.1). Between individual people, too, there are differences in the functioning of the Self as principle of integration and Self-awareness.
The Moon and Saturn each represent a particular factor in our Self-development and Self-awareness. In our Self-development to full maturity, both play a specific role, and at crucial moments in that process, they can also reverse roles.


For a good understanding of the processes that lie at the root of this formation of the Self, I find the work of Erich Neumann most clarifying. Neumann was a student of Jung. His depth-psychology approach may well serve us as a frame of reference for our understanding of the process of maturation and crystallization of the Self.



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