Purpose and Functioning of the Self




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Raising, lifting up and elevating

Nevertheless, the self is not able to maintain its controlling function under all circumstances. Its own mobility turns out to be its weak spot. This quality enables us, through hypnosis, to detach it from its own control area, lifting it off. Then the underlying powers immediately come to the fore and the searchlight’s beam now swings to the previously hidden self. As from this moment, the self is being known.
However, after the hypnotic uplift, the self will again settle down into its former place.
By the way, all forms of raising, lifting up and elevating fall under the rule of Pluto, just as hypnosis itself. Therefore Pluto serves as the counterforce of the self, being capable not only of cancelling out its controlling function, but also of lifting up the self as such (that is, retaining its self-awareness) above its fixations. I hope to return to this elevated Pluto at a later stage. (see texts 23.8 and 25.6)



Although the self may hold on to its position for a long time, its rule will not last: At some time or other, the signals of our physical senses will touch our consciousness directly; consciousness itself will then take over the wheel.
From that moment onward, the absolute power of the self is abolished and the self has become a servant.



So the self offers us a provisional interpretation of ourselves. Making use of our psychological structure, it creates a self-image for us that we take as our basis for living. Due to its rigidity and indomitableness, the self gives us stability and independence. It forms the anchor for our sense of self.


The afore mentioned questions

We have now almost reached the point that we can delve into the planetary constellation around the Earth, in answer to the third question that emerged after our ‘Journey over the Earth’, in text 14.2: “Could a spherical arrangement be considered to be an organic connection in its own right? And if so, would this tell us anything about the constellation of planets around the Earth as a whole?” But before we can do so, we must first take a look at the second question: “What does this spherical arrangement around the Earth tell us about the planets embedded within a certain shell, and about their respective meanings?” 
After all, all planets embedded in the field round the Earth are contributing to the developmental potential of the Earth.
So we will first elaborate further the core meanings of the various planets. However, the questions in text 14.2 are so closely interconnected that we will frequently be switching from one to the other in order to gain a full perception of all four.




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