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Figures of speech
Idiomatic expressions in languages also reveal that we attribute a certain influence or quality to rotation.
In English, when we want to point to the core of a matter, indicating in which light we should see all contributing factors, we say: ‘It all revolves around…’ or ‘The pivotal (or central) question is...’
If something has been functioning properly, we say that it ‘turns out well’, and if not, we can always ‘put a positive spin on it’.
Or we can put pressure on a situation by ‘screwing it up’, bringing more tension into our environment.
We all know periods in life when things are ‘in full swing’ or ‘at full fling’, even to the point of ‘making our head spin’, or conversely, periods when we ‘can’t get up to speed’ and ‘lose momentum’.
When the ‘pivot’ or ‘king pin’ of a business or household disappears, its center is lost and we are ‘thrown back on ourselves’.
Our psycho-fysiological system itself can also become flawed. In that case, we may feel that we are ‘running round in circles’ or that we ‘are screwed’. A traumatizing situation can make us go ‘into a flat spin’ in which we lose ourselves, while joyful events can take us ‘beside ourselves’ with happiness. Finally, with gained transparancy of our projections and sufficiently gathered courage, the North Pole position grants us a standpoint where we can ‘unwind’ or ‘undo’ our Self (15.4).


The I-sayer and the satellite
When a point becomes a center, or when an axis starts rotating, it creates its own workingfield (9.2), which enables it to become aware of its surroundings and, per reflex, of itself; it wakes up to itself, as it were. In this view, we can see rotation as a way of ‘saying I’.
Unlike planets, satellites do not rotate on their axes. By definition, a satellite does not have a rotation of its own. It orbits another celestial body, which does revolve on its own axis.
Well-known examples are the moons in the rings around Saturn. Our own Moon, too, is a satellite. This fact will turn out to be significant for our understanding of the Moon (see also texts 6.2, 7.2, 9.1, and the integral text about the Moon that will be presented later on).


The spinning of the Self
By casting itself out in all directions while at the same time delimiting its radius of action, the center makes its surrounding field its own. It imposes its own order on it. Without rotation, the power of the Self cannot function (*), nor will it be able to form any field for its own development and emancipation.
On the other hand, the rotation can be so intense that one person may cause another to literally ‘leave the field’. In such a situation, the rotating power of the second person has become ineffective and he loses his orientation in his own field.


Satellite relationships
An intensified version of this situation is found in satellites. A satellite is caught in the field of another rotating body, in which it has been assigned a fixed place among other orderly arranged fractions within the larger system.
Satellite relations are also known in personal, social and political contexts. The nations around former communist Russia were functioning as satellite states. Due to the political situation at the time, they were not able to set their own course for the West. Anno 2018, the aftereffect of this can still be felt.
The same balance of power can be at play within partner relationships of any kind.
In satellite relationships, generally speaking, the satellite partner’s power of Self, including its possibilities for development, comes to a standstill, while the rotating partner imposes his spin on the energy field of the other. For readers who are familiar with astrology, it will be clear that in these relationships, Uranus as transgressor of boundaries and Pluto as bender of wills will both play an active role.


Rotation as basis for the planet meanings

Now that we have been able to form a picture of the effects of rotation, the Self has taken center stage in our exploration so far. In order to gain more insight in the functioning of that Self, we will clarify that function from the perspective of depth psychology. Following that, we will find out whether it is possible to describe the Self and its Self-developmental process in astrological terms. Perhaps this contracted, rotating and ordering center can serve as a frame of reference for the astrological meanings of the planets. If that turns out to be the case, we can lay our hands on the significance of astrologycal expression in a well-founded way.



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