The Body of Man and Earth


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A different approach of reality

At this point, some readers will no doubt be getting up on their hind legs. Others will argue that the diminishing gravity of these centrifugally arranged substances is here applied to phenomena that do not occur on the physical plane at all. It is true that this approach has nothing to do with the physical characteristics of the planets. Astrology does not relate to that side of reality.
Then what is it about? Since astrology is based on the Hermetic Law of “As above, so below”, it follows that it is based on analogical thinking. Therefore what matters is not the physical planetary characteristics, but the place that a specific planet takes up around a Center and its function in that field. That function can be derived from the analogy with other fields of a similar nature with which it is connected through an intermediary (see text 3).


The human energetic field
And that analogy can be found surprisingly nearby. When we say that our human body is surrounded by bodies of subtler substances, we are saying nothing new. Besides our physical body, we are supposed to have an emotional and a mental body as well. This indicates that even in realms that we call subjective, the term ‘body’ is appropriate. (*)  


Heavier and lighter matter

The material composing these bodies in the emotional realm is heavier than in the mental realm. The mental realm is more volatile, moving around more quickly, whereas the emotional realm, which is charged with the power to attract or repel people to or from each other, is heavier and slower. The latter leads to a stronger identification of the Self, resulting in a stronger attachment to this realm.


Spherical arrangement

If we are willing to take these things into consideration, this brings us to the following, analogous relationships between the Earth and Man:
1. heaviest fraction – the Tropics – our physical body,
2. heaviest fraction but one – the Mediterranean – our emotional body, or the astral plane,
3. lightest fraction but one – the temperate latitudes – our mental body, or the mental plane,
4. lightest fraction – the Polar region – the isolated Self.
5. This analogy leads us to the Earth’s axis as the point of application for a supposed Earthly Self, and to the Earth’s center as containing a supposed indwelling conscious awareness.

Actually, this makes us regard the Earth as if it were a living body. This may be a new view, yet it does seem that this analogy emerges from various disciplines in a very natural manner. Later we will see that this spherical arrangement is directly related to the tilt of the Earth’s axis.

Planetary shells around the Earth
And this is not all, for there is more: The same analogy emerges from the planetary shells around the Earth. 
For when we look at the arrangement of the planets around the Earth in the same way, starting with the Earth as the physical body, we encounter in the first planetary shell around the Earth the planets Venus and Mars on either side of the Earth. These planets stand for attraction and repulsion respectively, creating around the Earth a sphere of an emotional-instinctive character. This is sometimes called astral.
Outside the sphere of Venus and Mars, on either side of the Earth, we encounter the planets Mercury and Jupiter. They represent the analytical and synthetic thinking modes respectively, and together form the sphere of mental or intellectual capacities around the Earth. This mental sphere encompasses both the Earth and the emotional sphere of Venus and Mars.
Around these two spheres we encounter a third one, we find the Sun and Saturn, opposing each other like Self-respect and Self-preservation: the existential attachment points for the Self.


Earth and Man

So we find an identical spherical arrangement emerging around the Earth as we saw on Earth itself, with both arrangements following the same pattern as the subtler bodies around human beings. This similarity is remarkable: it corresponds with the planet meanings handed down to us by astrological tradition.


Our exploration so far now leads us to the impression that there is a system of subsequent spheres and forces on and around the Earth, a system that by analogy is also present and at work around individual human beings.

Even though this impression has arisen from our exploration, this also puts us face to face with a mystery here.



Indeed, all this provides food for thought in various respects.
1. What might be the deeper effect of rotation?
2. Is it possible, by analogy, that a spherical arrangement around the Earth can tell us something about the planets that are embedded within a specific shell and their characteristics?
3. Could a spherical arrangement be considered to be an organic connection in its own right? And if so, could this tell us something about the planetary constellations around the Earth as a whole?

As these questions are all interrelated, we will further explore them in that context.



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