Journey over the Earth


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Movements of Earth

By way of a summary, I would like to call attention to the two movements of the Earth herself, in which we, as her inhabitants, all participate. The first movement is her rotation around her own axis, and the second one is her orbit around the Sun. The second movement will be discussed in a later text.


In the first movement, Earth completes one full revolution on her axis in 24 hours. Although this rotating movement is the same everywhere on Earth, its surface at the Equator is moving through space with much greater speed than regions closer to the North and South poles. Any point on the Equator covers no less than 40.000 km within 24 hours. This implies a huge centrifugal effect that hurls everything outward. In later texts, I will elaborate further on this.

The North
In northern regions, the speed at the Earth’s surface is considerably slower. Here, life is less extraverted. The attention is less drawn outwards, enabling one’s personal awareness to better concentrate itself. It seems that people in these latitudes are better capable of collecting their senses and nervous system, keeping more to themselves.
When we finally reach the North Pole, the centrifugal effect of the Earth’s rotation has all but stopped. We find ourselves in a peculiar situation: we are standing on the Earth’s surface without undergoing a circumvolution once every 24 hours. Although we stand on the circumference, yet we have come to a standstill.
Together with the Earth, we are only turning on our own body axis.


No time, no place

Here, our own Zenith-Nadir axis coincides with that of Earth (5.3). In this way, the analogous relation between the Earth’s axis and our personal axis is converted into a conjunction – we have become conjunct with the Earth itself.
In the absence of any circumference, time ceases to exist - we can choose what time it is by turning our nose into a particular direction. The same goes for our position, which becomes indeterminable. We may know where we stand on Earth, but since all Meridians converge in the North Pole, determining our position through any of the measuring systems is no longer possible, for there are no coordinates any more.


No horoscope

Because center and circumference coincide with Earth’s axis here, there is no centrifugal force left to draw us outward, so this force has become non-existent here. The projection, in the sense of casting-ourselves-outwards, ceases to manifest at the North Pole. The horoscope, bound by time and place, cannot exist here.



So at the North Pole, we can no longer speak of a manifestation at the circumference. Our existence here is purely realized in this rotation.


The bond between our awareness and our own projection
has been disconnected here, or annulled.


In this movement, we can decide to draw the rotation inwards, collecting ourselves from the circumference without remainder, and becoming aware, not only in the physical and social-societal world, but also in our own consciousness, that we ARE.
In a subsequent text we will see that this unique position on Earth can grant us something unique, not just in a philosophical, but also in a factual sense.



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