Casting the Horoscope



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Casting the horoscope step by step, continued

Now let us imagine, still standing in that open field, that we allow a second vertical plane to emerge from our body, perpendicular to the first plane. For this, we stretch out both arms above us and then lower them sideways to our left and right. In this way, our arms describe a plane in an East­-West direction. This plane is called the Prime Vertical (see fig. 8.1.2).
This plane is not mentioned in any of the measuring systems; consequently it does not form part of them and only serves as a screen or picture plane. From the South and North points, a second projection procedure towards this plane is carried out. This is done by following the position circles (shown in red in fig. 8.2).

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fig. 8.2 Position circles and the Prime Vertical

This plane is therefore not involved in the tension that is transmitted along the projection arcs. Being passive, its sole task is to provide a projection screen on which the projected forms may become visible. Thus it may be regarded as a Moon or Lunar plane (6.2).


From projection to anchoring

The position circles have anchored the place where we are standing (which is our center, or us) in the South and North points on the horizon.
Where their arcs intersect with a planet or border of a House, they transfer its Zodiacal value onto the picture plane, the Prime Vertical. In this way, all relevant celestial factors are "picked up" from space and transmitted to, "thrown" onto the picture plane.
With this, we have completed, in principle, the general procedure for the setup of the horoscope figure.


Exclusive revelation

In this second projection, just as the center in the first projection, the general constellation of the planets, too, is subjected to the specific positioning of the center in space and time.


N.B. This subjection severely limits the horoscope’s significance, but potentizes it in equal measure (based on the analogical correlation).



In summary, we can say that through the setup of the horoscope, we get an individualized image of the general cosmic constellation, where the latter has been differentiated into a specific form of manifestation that is conditioned by, connected to and anchored in our local center. Thus the horoscope is cast as an exponent of the center, that is, of ourselves.
And the opposite also applies: we can just as well say that through the figure of the horoscope, we become knowable in terms of the actual cosmic constellation.



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