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4. The Ascendant – Spirit in matter

The horoscope, even though it is a form of expression of the center, derives its significance only from its being a reflection. Yet there is one point in the birth chart that constitutes an exception: the Ascendant point.
To understand this, we should bear in mind the following: the Horizon (on which the Ascendant is situated per definition, see 8.1.c) is a position circle. Just like the other position circles, it is linked to the North and South points on the Horizon and its center coincides with that of the whole chart. Still, the plane of the Horizon is not just a Lunar plane like the other position circles. Apart from being a projection arc, it also constitutes a horoscope factor in its own right, for it is in the intersection of the Horizon with the Ecliptic that we find the Ascendant point (8.1.c).


So the plane of the Horizon has a dual function: Not only does it determine one of the horoscope factors, but it also transfers this factor to the picture plane. This implies that the Ascendant point, too, has a dual function.


The Ascendant point serves as the gateway to our objective surroundings. At the same time, it is the most individual point in the horoscope, being the only factor in the horoscope that keeps pace, in a highly sensitive way, with any small change in time or place. While the Zodiacal values of the planets do not show much variation within one day, the Ascendant point passes through the whole of the Zodiac (caused by the rotation of the Earth) every 24 hours. On top of that, its travelling speed varies per degree of latitude on Earth.


This highly differentiated mobility makes the Ascendant point the most individual point in the horoscope.


This is why the exact time of birth is essential for drawing a correct horoscope.
Based on its different origin, the Ascendant brings its own, specific contribution to the horoscope. As the intersection point between Ecliptic and Horizon, it represents the principle of direct revelation of Spirit in matter. In the midst of the other projections in the chart, it realizes our individual presence.

The astrologers Janduz and Charubel attached so much value to this point that both of them, independently from one another, gave each Zodiacal degree its own interpretation (*).
Because the Ascendant is involved in both forms of outpouring from the center, it is able to offer a gateway from one field - the polarized, individualized projection – into the other - the all-round revelation and Omen astrology (1.2 and 7.1).

This function is intensified when in spring and autumn the Ascendant point coincides with the East point on the horizon. At these moments, the horizon circle is not operative any longer as projection arc. That is why  at the Equinoxes, the revelation of Spirit in matter can make itself felt directly via the Ascendant, bypassing the Self.


5. Connection with objectivity

So we see that the value-free objectivity of the circumference, which initially seemed to be lost by the polarization of the center into duality (see point 1 in text 9.1), does have a direct connection to the horoscope through the Ascendant point after all. Even though the horoscope is set up by way of polarization and projection, in the Ascendant point it still reconnects to the all-round, non-polarized outpouring of the Center (7.1 ).

In this way, the Ascendant realizes the contact between the subjective world of experience (represented by the Prime Vertical - 9.1) and the value-free objectivity of the outside world. Through this point of contact (8.2), that objectivity becomes accessible for analysis.


Obviously, such an analysis will only make sense if the division of the Houses is anchored to that same Ascendant point.


With that, it now seems sensible to further investigate the layout of the housing frame in the light of analogy.



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