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The design of the twelve Houses

Many projection methods are used worldwide for the design of the twelvefold frame of houses. So on this point there is no agreement among astrologers; everyone works with his or her preferred system. However, all systems do have the cusps of the Angular Houses in common. This also includes the Ascendant point. The differences between the house systems mainly concern the cusps of the Succedent and Cadent Houses.


Development from the Ascendantpoint
When we start from the unique, non-Moon-bound (9.1) properties of the Ascendantpoint (9.2), that moreover is the only factor in the horoscope that moves extremely sensitively with changes in time and place, and develop the housingframe from there (*), on an individual level there comes into image a twelve-fold relationship that is analogous to that of the Earth with its Vernal point and twelve-fold Zodiac (1.3). In this connection we find at the individual level the persons birthplace in the center, analogous to the Earth at the center of the Zodiac, the Ascendant analogous to the Vernalpoint of the Earth, and the house-frame analogous to the all-round projected, twelvefold Earthly Zodiac (1.4).
In this analogous arrangement, the cusps of the houses (9.2) bear the same objective, non-Moon subdued character as the Ascendantpoint itself. After all, they emerged from a point that is independent of it.
The other House cusps are determined by regular position circles. As we have seen, these are all Lunar planes, so unlike the plane of the Horizon, they do not have a dual function.

Thus unfolds from the Ascendantpoint, an individual frame of houses that, together with the center and the Ascendant, shows an individual microcosm that is analogous to the macrocosm of Earth and its self-projected Zodiac.
With this design for the horoscope as a whole, we continue to work in line with the law of analogy.

Interpretation and research

The structure within this individualized housing frame can be used in a targeted manner for interpretation. When we get to the interpretation, this will be discussed in more detail. In my opinion, we find also an entrance here for a differentiated analysis of the horoscope and an objective starting point for setting up research models (9.2).



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