The Horoscope: what it represents



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Results from analogical thinking

Now that we have become more familiar with analogical thinking and how this is reflected in the setup of the horoscope, we can start our inquiry into the core qualities of the birth chart itself. By following the line of analogical thinking consistently, we can gain deeper insight in the essence of the horoscope, which may serve as a foundation for its later interpretation.


1. The invisible becomes visible
As we have seen in the setup of the horoscope, the qualities of the center are first converted from one single point into two polarized points on a central axis. Both polar points are then anchored to the horizon in time and space. Subsequently, they are transferred, in terms of the actual cosmic situation, onto the picture plane.

In this way, the initially invisible qualities of the single-pointed center are being unfolded and made visible on the picture plane, the Prime Vertical.


2. The Self and the gnomon

We have also seen that in this process of revelation, the horoscope does not depict an omnipotent center point casting itself out in all directions onto the circumference, but a polarized version of it.
After all, it is only through the erection of a central axis that the connected projection arcs can become operative, enabling a time-bound and space-bound image of that center point to become visible on the Prime Vertical. This implies that the significance of any horoscope is only valid for that individual time and place. The validity of the horoscope may be limited to that specific situation, but at the same time, this is where it expresses its potential.

The same goes for the Gnomon of Pythagoras (3.1): by means of a nontransparent phenomenon bound by time and place, its own shadow, it bears witness and gives expression to the existence of the Sun behind it. Similarly, we may say that the horoscope gives expression to our local and temporal appearance, which in turn testifies to the implicit existence of an underlying, radiating principle. In the next text we will further explore this topic.


3. Active and passive - the Moon

We have seen that the plane of the Prime Vertical does not form part of any of the three measuring systems. It merely receives the information cast upon it from those three systems.
Let us bear in mind that any plane that forms part of a measuring system will have its own graduation scale for measuring the positions of the celestial phenomena it is supposed to measure. Because of their graduation scales, the planes of the Horizon, Equator and Ecliptic provide an added informational value to the location in question. They have an active role and therefore cannot serve as a projection screen, for such a screen should not be involved in any way in the values that are projected upon it.

The Prime Vertical does not have its own graduation scale nor does it play any other role in determining the location. It does not influence in any way the spot where the projected celestial phenomena end up on its screen, for the planetary positions are cast upon it from space by the projection arcs. So the role of the Prime Vertical is ‘passive’, receptive. Within analogical thinking (6.2), the Prime Vertical is therefore a Lunar plane.

In this sense, the position circles are also passive. They are ‘great circles’, anchored in the North and South points, from where they cast the projections of celestial phenomena onto the Prime Vertical without any interference (fig. 8.2). Therefore the position circles, too, being intermediaries, can be considered to be Lunar circles (6.2 and 7.2).
Actually, all points that are made visible on the picture plane can be considered to be Lunar points.


Apparently, the Planets and the Houses together generate a Lunar or illusory image.
In fact, the horoscope as a whole can be considered to be an illusory image, an outward reflection of an unknown entity (Gnomon) behind it, whose existence can be assumed implicitly.


On the one hand, this points to the relative value of the horoscope, but on the other hand, it underscores its validity as an actual form of manifestation bound by time and place.
Seen in this light, the horoscope as a whole can be said to be ruled by the Moon. This will be further explained when we get to our discussion of the Moon itself.



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