The Ascendant Point



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The Ascendant

It is in the Ascendant point that both forms of outpouring from the Center come together (7.1). Each form expresses a specific quality of the Ascendant point. One is manifestation realized through the intervention of an intermediary. The other is manifestation without any intermediary. The merging of both forms of appearance make the Ascendant point a truly unique factor in the horoscope. As mentioned before, the astrologers Janduz and Charubel attached such importance to the Ascendant that they gave an interpretation for each grade of the Zodiac for this point.


Unity as a Venusian quality

In its all-round outpouring, the Center reveals itself at the circumference in an unlimited amount of created forms (7.1). It has been said that the inner being of the omnipotent Center has cast or poured itself out onto the circumference in its entirety. Therefore this inner being, in spite of being non-locatable, is assumed to be implicitly present in all forms appearing at the circumference. In this form of outpouring, the oneness remains unbroken. This is a quality of Venus.


Gnomon and the inner Sun 
In the shadow cast on the ground by the Gnomon, we can see the workings of a third factor that is connected to that shadow form in a causal relationship: the Sun behind it (3.2). The shadow emerges because of the presence of a resistance, the Gnomon, between the Sun’s rays and their plane of appearance.
By analogy, in the case of the horoscope, being a shadow form, we may assume the presence of a source behind it which makes a specific resistance visible in the form of a specific horoscope. So in analogical thinking, an invisible, underlying Solar principle can be supposed.


Our personality

In the case of human beings, the resistance causing the shadow is formed by our personality, which we have (unconsciously) placed between this source and the world of objectivity. In this line of thinking, the phenomenon of the projected horoscope leads us back to the implicit presence of an invisible Sun (3.2). This is sometimes called the inner Sun (9.1).



Perhaps unnecessarily, the analogical correlation of the relationships between these three factors is shown here once more.

Sun : Gnomon : shadow =
= inner Sun: personality : horoscope


Here we see that these three originators of the horoscope, too, are connected to each other in an analogous relationship.


So in analogical thinking, the horoscope does not emerge as an isolated, disconnected phenomenon, but as working material that has been derived from an integrated, cosmic whole.



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