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In the second outpouring from the Center, involving dis-union (7.2), the Center expresses itself by means of polarization. In this disunion or division, we recognize the core character of Mars: placing itself in opposition. In this way, the Center has made itself available for projection once again, but this time by subjecting itself to time and place, expressing itself in a localized form. In so doing, it steps out of the Omen principle, the symbiotic unity. Now the ability to know can develop. This knowing, however, will be limited to the characteristics of that specific time and place, and is therefore subjective.



Separation and knowing go hand in hand. A Mars conscious of its state of separation is aware of the partial character of any truth it may have conquered. If the Self would claim the right to total truth, this indicates a lack of awareness of its own state of separation, as well as a lack of awareness of the nature of its own Self.

Nevertheless, Mars also represents the yearning for manifested existence, with the ability to stand in opposition. So ultimately, he also stands for the ability to get to know the inner Sun. After all, the setup of the horoscope itself has shown us that this oneness principle is inherent to its own manifested existence.
His ability to separate himself places him outside this oneness, yet at the same time, he is the knower who is able to become aware of himself as a separate Self.


A new beginning

Through these two forms of revelation, unity and separation (7.1), the Center interacts with itself. The world of objectivity confronts the separate Self, while the Self contributes to it at the same time. It is within this interaction that scientific activities take place.
Initially, in his attempt to claim oneness, Mars is merely driven by an urge to conquer. But when Mars starts to become aware of his separation, he can step into his true power and start to represent the indwelling Solar principle in a constructive way. Then this unity principle starts to operate in an individual capable of acting consciously.


The symbols of Venus, Mars and Earth

Returning to astrology, we know that between Mars and Venus is the Earth, our abode. In a cosmic sense, the Earth is connected to each of us through our own Ascendant point. In its simplest form, this would be a conjunction of Mars and Venus. If we blend both symbols, venusand mars, the symbol of the Earth pars emerges.
In the merging of Mars and Venus, both forms of the Center’s revelation come together. In the same way, the Pars Fortunae (Part of Fortune) realizes the Center in individualized form as being grounded, down to earth, present in the NOW, the principle of centrality.


Pars Fortunae

The essence of the Part of Fortune can be derived from the formula used for its calculation. In this formula, the Ecliptic values of the three fundamental factors of the horoscope, the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, are the terms that define this immaterial point.


Ascendant + Moon - Sun = Pars


We might say that the Zodiacal distance between Sun and Moon is transferred to the individual and objective plane. In this way, the Ascendant point is realized in the Part of Fortune.




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