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From physics, we are familiar with the polar tension between two (polar) points with opposite charges. One being the positive and the other the negative pole, they jointly realize the tension potential that is emitted from the center.

In measuring systems, this polar tension between the North and South polar points is transferred by means of projection arcs to a point P at the circumference.


figure 7.2.1 The projection arc transfers a projection of the northpole in P on the circumference of the horizon plane.

Projection arcs

For projection arcs, we now find the same qualitative properties that we encountered in page 6.2 when describing the radius:

Projection arcs arise from both polarized polar points, but do not add any intrinsic value to the (potentized) information that is being transferred by them.

Based on their being anchored to both poles, projection arcs serve as intermediaries and information carriers, just like the radius of a circle. Therefore they, too, can be considered to have a Moon or Lunar quality (6.2).


The purpose of projection

Now, what is the real purpose of projections and why do we carry them out in taking these measurements? What results might they yield (7.2.a) ? When we take a developmental perspective, elaborating on Hans Cosman’s quote mentioned above, we may come to an understanding of the function of projection (6.2). After all, for some part of consciousness to be able to develop into self-awareness, both forms of throwing-itself-out-from-the-center are needed (from the polarity onto one specific point at the circumference as well as the prior all-round projection onto the circumference).

In the polarized projection, the identity of the subjective Self makes itself known to a surrounding non-Self. The all-round projection in the surrounding field is what brings out that non-Self. Through their mutual interaction, the consciousness of the center develops into Self-awareness.

In reality, all forms of gaining knowledge and growing in awareness take place within this mutual internal interaction.



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