Centre, Radius

and Circumference



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For the unknown content of an absolute point to become knowable, that content needs to be able to step out of its abstract state of existence and reveal itself. This takes place through the all-round ejection of that content onto the periphery, giving the circumference of the circle its form. In order to manifest that visible circumference, the center needs an information carrier, an intermediary that brings out the content of the center in all directions and shapes it into a circumference. This is how the center’s content takes shape and becomes manifest.
In this process, the impulse to eject itself outwards arises in the center, yet the center keeps resting in itself, true to its nature. The action of ejection is carried out by the radius.
Just as the center, the circumference is passive; it comes into being at the far end of the radius.


The radius as intermediary

So through its radius, the center of the circle throws itself outward, expressing its content. The radius serves as both information carrier and vehicle for this. To be able to perform this function, certain qualitative properties are required of the radius. These requirements are:
1. being able to absorb information from one state of (non-manifest) existence and transform it in such a way that it can take form in another state of (manifest) existence;


2. the ability to not interfere with the qualitative aspect of the information, not distort it;


3. the ability to tune in to the field it is about to enter, in such a way that it recognizes and neutralizes any resistances it encounters in its outgoing movement, in order to realize a pure circumference.


The Moon as intermediary

In the threefold system of Sun, Moon and Ascendant, it is the Moon that ideally represents this ability to transform, to refrain from interfering and to give shape. In practice, however, the Moon is usually not yet tuned in to this. The Moon (that is, the human being) generally does not transform much, often interferes with everything and is usually not equally tuned in to all directions nor displaying all-round impartiality. On the contrary: coming from their personality, human beings discriminate. This affects the shaping of a pure circumference. In order to truly fulfill its function within this threesome, the Moon needs to ‘wake up’.
When we get to the subject of projection and rotation and are ready for a deeper dive into astrology, I will further substantiate this function of the Moon.
For now, I merely want to point out the function of this threefold system for the development of human consciousness, as formulated by my teachers Hans Cosman and Jan Bakker.



On the subject of revelation:

…..... I remind you of the image of a revealed universe, where the totality of space is being nourished and filled by the stream of life or vitality emanating from its center. The potentiality of this center defines the limits of its radiation, that is, its boundary at the circumference. Through the reflection of impressions coming in from the outside, in the center something is aroused that we call consciousness.
Life on the outside causes per reflex consciousness on the inside. Over time, that consciousness grows into self-awareness in and of its center. …

Hans Cosman: Urania, autumn 1979, page 5 (*)


This quote suggests that a circle’s center and circumference can be regarded as two interrelated functions of development. Jan Bakker expresses this idea as follows:


On the subject of the field for development:

“(…) for something to develop itself, it needs a field where it is able to do so. The entity wanting to develop itself must project itself into that field and take form there, in order to be able to receive its own reflections. Through this process, consciousness can come to self-awareness.”
Jan Bakker, verbal statement


By describing the relationships between these three interrelated elements, we have taken an essential step in the application of analogical thinking. Now we can work this out further for the specific topic of projection as used in the astrological working model.



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