Analogies in the measuring systems



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Three spheres plus one

With the foregoing (see text 1.2) at the back of our minds, we will now continue our exploration of the astrological work model. In this model, various analogous spheres have been cast around us. 

The first sphere is that of the Sidereal Zodiac. As explained before, this sphere does not give us enough to hold on to to be able to incorporate it into a co-ordinate system.

Therefore, three new spheres have been derived from that Sidereal Zodiac:

1 The sphere of the terrestrial or Tropical Zodiac, also called ’heliacal sphere’, which was intended to be a sphere in the likeness of the Sidereal Zodiac or belt of star constellations,

2 The sphere of the Equator, also called Terrestrial Sphere or Earth Sphere,

3 The sphere of man at his point of observation, also called the Individual sphere.

These three spheres serve as our measuring system. The Tropical Zodiac is the primary sphere, from which both the Earth sphere and our Individual spheres are derived. 


Measurement, objectification and projection

Based on these measuring systems, the planetary positions are indicated in the Ephemeris. Both astrologers and seafarers consult them when they want to determine their position (1.3).

Thanks to these measuring systems, we, as subjective human beings, can objectify our place on Earth in terms of those systems.


Analogous construction

All three measuring systems (you can take a look at them here) are analogous to each other, both in their composing elements as well as in their qualitative relation to each other.


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