Analogies in the measuring systems



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Axes and planes

The three measuring systems have their centre in common, which is the centre of the Earth. From there, three axes have been raised. Each of them is at right angles to the plane of its own measuring system.

The axis Zenith-Nadir is the imaginary extension of our own backbone. That makes the axis Zenith-Nadir the most personal of the three. It may be said to be our personal North-South axis.


Their functional relationship

The axes and planes belong together in pairs.

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fig 5.3.1 The three planes with their corresponding axes


In analogous thinking, these axes and planes show the following functional relationships:


the Horizon plane: the Zenith-Nadir axis


the Equator plane : Celestial Northpole–Celestial Southpole axis = 

the Ecliptics plane: Ecliptics Northpole–Ecliptics Southpole axis.



In the figure these pairs are shown in green, yellow and red respectively. Their functional relationships will be further explored in the second part of this website.


Following the outline

In order to be able to follow my line of reasoning, the facts about the measuring systems provided in the addendum (5.2) will give you a sufficient basis. Please bear in mind that our primary concern is not to grasp the mathematical-technical setup of these systems, but to get an intuitive sense of the intrinsic information inherently present within it. For our purpose of unraveling the enigma of astrology (0.3), this intuitive sense is enough.
For the rest of this study, I will assume that the reader will be able to follow my line of analogical thinking.




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