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Circles within Circles

On the previous parges, we have found a first anchor point for the horoscope, the tropical Zodiac. Now we will see how the rest of the horoscope’s setup follows from this.

The fact that astrology works with a projected structure that doesn’t actually exist in reality is already remarkable in and of itself. Oddly enough, the setup of the twelve Houses again implies a similar projection. For in order to draw a natal chart, the astrologer again casts out an imaginary, twelvefold sphere with the person’s birth place at its center. This is the third sphere. It doesn’t apply to the Earth as a whole, but only to our center of observation, in this case the birth place.

For this second projection, the understandable explanation behind Euktemon’s invention of his tropical Zodiac does not apply. Perhaps it was Ptolemaeus, some centuries later, who contributed to this procedure. Whatever the case may be, the implication is that the general procedure of drawing horoscopes relies predominantly on analogical reasoning.

It turns out that this third sphere also has a fixed starting point, the Ascendant point. This is the point on the Eastern horizon at a person’s time of birth. The Ascendant might be considered to correspond to the Spring Equinoctial Point in the tropical Zodiac. By analogy with both preceding spheres, from the Ascendant point, too, a further twelvefold division is cast out. In this way the twelve Houses emerge, to which the astrologer assigns the same core qualities as to the twelve segments in the sidereal and tropical Zodiacs.

So it seems that the working model of astrology is based on a view of reality consisting of circles within circles. In this view, reasoning by analogy plays a key part.


Our working materials

We have seen that the first projection, from sidereal to tropical Zodiac, is being repeated within the local sphere of the birth place. So for human beings, we can now draw three conclusions similar to those for the Earth:


1 Just as every planet has its own Zodiac, with the concerning planet at its center, our personal horoscope only reflects a very local situation that only applies to our person.


2 Starting from the larger context of first the sidereal and then the tropical Zodiac, and finally culminating in the distribution of the Houses in our birth chart, we are subjected to a threefold process of enwrapping in our horoscope. In this view, we are all living in a tiny universe that has been cast or projected around us.


3 Just as the sphere of the Earth is connected to the sidereal Zodiac through the Spring Equinoctial Point, we live our lives while connected to the tropical Zodiac through our own Ascendant point. And just as the Earth goes through its developmental journey via the backward movement of the Spring Equinox along the sidereal Zodiac, we go through the various developmental stages in our lives via the progressions of our Ascendant point.

A similar movement can be found in the Lunar Node.



Apparently, our experiences acquire their impact and significance within this encapsulated, world, as our projected private ‘inner sky’.

As long as we are not aware of this encapsulation or envelopment, we will take it for reality and somehow keep calling it into being.

Fortunately, with our horoscope we have a graphic representation of this ‘inner sky’ at our disposal. This can help us find our way back for our ‘de-velopment’ (1.0.2) . More about this later on this site.

Since our natal chart depicts our situation as a transferred particularization of the state of the Earth as a whole, it makes sense to further explore the Earth sphere insofar as it relates to our own private sphere (13), as well as the routine for the transferred projections, (8).

For an appropriate appraoch (0.4) of both, we need first of all a good understanding of the analogical way of thinking and its implicitly representative potention (3).



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