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For whom this site is intended


Working with others

First and foremost, this site is meant for people that are already familiar with astrology, and more specifically for those who would like to take a closer look at the phenomenon of astrology itself.

Now I have put my mind to take up my quest for the integration of several different world views. Anyone interested in such a closer analysis is invited to read these texts. 



For those who would like to exchange thoughts about the reading matter on this site, a forum has been set up which may serve as a contact point.

Through the link ‘Contact’ (in the left margin) readers may share their opinions and read what other readers have said about the subject.


And finally...

... I dedicate this website to both of my parents, who introduced me to the vision of J. Krishnamurti and the astrology school of Th.J.J. Ram. I salute Bert Esser, who supported and stimulated me to write this site, as well as my late astrology teachers, Hans Cosman and Jan Bakker. They imparted unique lessons to me; I am much indebted to them.
This website has been set up with the help of the artistic and technical contributions of Johanneke Oosten. Meanwhile Giselle Gouverne is involved in translating these texts. Both women did (and do) a wonderful job, for which I am most grateful.